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Guide To Good Health – Westmoreland County
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Visual Impairments

Eye Care

BVRS Doctors Assist...

Keep Eyes on the Prize

Scott & Christie Eyecare Associates Helping...

Children's Health

Children's Health

Beat Rainy Day Blues

KidZone Summer Camp

How to Talk to Your Child to Build Resilience

Special Needs

Special Needs

Early Intervention and Joint Attention

Behavioral Health Services at Children’s...

Healthy Eats

Weight Loss/Diet

Best Snacks to Lose Weight

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss



Senior Nutrition

Senior Programs USC Community Ctr

CheckMates connects seniors

Health and Fitness

Heart Health

Jefferson Cardiology Association/Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates

Bone & Joint

Healthy Eating

Senior Nutrition

Healthy Eating Tips & Mores



WPSB – Serving the Visually Impaired... Far into the Future



Talking About End of Life

VITAS® Healthcare - 40 Years Strong



Cameron Wellness Center Four Pillars of Health

New Wave – Water Exercising

Back to School

Memory Care

Music Enhances the Lives of Individuals...

New State-of-the Art Dementia Care Coming Soon

Breast Cancer

Bone & Joint

What is Text Neck and What Can You Do About It?

Senior Care


Not All Rehabilitation Is Created Equal

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals New Names and Brand

Heart Health


Work Incentives Counseling...

TRPIL – Assisting People with Disabilities

Summer Camp for All



It's Annual Enrollment Time: Know Your Options


Local Doctors

July 23
Music Throughout Your Life’s Journey
Maintaining brain health can help to preserve memory and lower risk for brain disease. But surprisingly, the brain remains the most neglected organ in the body.

September 14
American Diabetes Association at 2019 Tour de Cure
Join the American Diabetes Association at 2019 Tour de Cure: Pittsburgh, it’s more unified, inclusive and powerful than ever before, with ride, run and walk options for the whole family!

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Legacy Medical Centers

Does your child get migraines?