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Q: Can hypnosis be part of the solution for the “Opioid Crisis?”

Jan LeeA: Yes, hypnosis is part of the solution for the “opioid crisis.” The subconscious mind needs to be accessed to reprogram thinking, responding and behaving. Addiction (opioid in this case) is an escape and a destructive habitual cycle- the psychological and physical dependence together are a constant push on the “hamster wheel.” How does one get off this hamster wheel?

Reprogram your mind with hypnosis.

Because substance abuse is about escaping pain (the pain of abuse, trauma, self- degradation, brokenness; of injury and poor physical health) the unhealthy “messages” or beliefs that fuel this pain must be deleted.  Find your way into your deeper mind (through hypnosis) and you will be able to delete the program (messages and beliefs) that are causing your awful habitual ritual of opioid abuse.

Imagine some of the programs that may be running in your subconscious mind.

  • I’m worthless, stupid; I have no value.
  • Drugs just relax me so I can survive. No big deal.
  • I can stop any time I want.
  • I need to keep using or I’ll flip out!
  • I’m not going through withdrawal. No way.
  • If I stop, I’ll have to get it together. Who is going to take care of me?
  • I’m young and I can handle this.
  • I’m calm and cool when I’m using. No one knows.
  • I’m not an addict. These are prescribed.
  • I can deal with the pain as long as I use.

You may know some of your “triggers.” (the experiences, the situations that render you too weak to consciously fight the urge to use.) Hypnosis will delete unhealthy programs and plant powerful positive suggestions (suggestions you WANT) in your subconscious mind.

What happens?   The “triggers” have lost destructive power as you automatically think and react and behave in positive ways.

Karen is addicted to opiates.  Her trigger is “anxiety.” The hypnotist guided her into a “trance” state; her deeper subconscious mind was engaged. Her busy conscious mind “drifted away.” Positive suggestions (she agreed to these) were spoken to her in this receptive state and destructive programs (discovered even before the session) were deleted.

Karen no longer has the urge to grab a few Vicodin because “this will calm me down so I don’t go nuts!” When hypnotized, she visualized the damaging effects of this drug and it was shocking! She imagined being in a safe healing place ( the ocean) being “unchained “ from this habit;  as if free like  a sea gull to “fly” above problems that once made her anxious; she was able to see them from a bird’s eye view as smaller and manageable; to believe in the power to “spread her wings” and accept the help she had refused before and to begin to really love herself ; to know there are many healthy ways to be calm ; to know that the physical effects of ending this habit will pass by just like the clouds that pass by….and fade …and dissipate; to be able to “land” on solid ground now with a plan for wellness.

This is not meant to imply that hypnosis is simplistic, but it is powerful and dramatic. We are not made of stone. We are fluid, flexible and able to make changes when we WANT to. We can create new pathways in our minds that help us think, react and act in healthier ways.

Yes, hypnosis is part of the solution for the “opioid crisis.”

Jan Lee CH, RN, JanLeeHypnosis – (724) 351-1242

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