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Wigs Offer New Options for Hair Replacement
By Lisa Bianco



Practical Tips for Preventing 5 Common Hair Problems Women Face

What are some of the causes of hair loss and thinning hair for women?
Unlike male pattern balding, female hair loss is often caused by things other than DHT. Stress, menopause, birth control, medication, changing hormones, and the plethora of hair styling products women use are most of the cause. 

What are the causes of dandruff?
No hair problem are as common as dandruff. Dandruff is the appearance of scaly particles that cling to the root of the hair. Some reasons for the accumulation of dandruff are a poor diet, infection, a slow rate of metabolism, or even stress.
How do split ends occur?
A split end happens when the end of the hair, becomes dry and brittle and begins to split — usually caused by the various styling efforts woman’s put their hair through. This includes over combing or over brushing hair, giving your hair a perm time and time again, improperly using heated hair appliances, constant coloring of hair, etc. Lack of conditioning can also go a long way in giving rise to split ends.

Can any hair type suffer from frizzy hair?
Yes, many women are cursed with frizzy hair. This is due to dropping moisture levels in the hair below normal levels. Too much hair brushing can lead to this condition, as hereditary factors.

Can tap water contribute to dull, gummy hair?
Often, hair can gum up after treatment. This can be a big problem for women who want to style their hair regularly. One of the causes of this condition is hard water that gets into the hair when you wash it.



At Greg Jockel Hair Colour Dezign in Wexford, you’ll find the kind of excellent salon services you’d expect: hair design, hair color, manicures, pedicures, skin care and even reflexology. But you may not be aware of a service actually getting known these days by word of mouth, when clients spread the word among friends and family. What’s being referred to is the growing reputation Greg Jockel salon is building for its wig services. Delivered by professional wig consultant Carol Opalisky, Carol is a licensed board-certified cosmetologist with extensive training in the artistry of hair replacement and a more than 40 year career of running upscale salons.

“Eighty percent of our wig customers are word-of mouth referrals. And yes I do work with lots of clients who are chemotherapy and cancer patients. But about a quarter of my clients just want to change their look. Some of my clients are CEOs who need to attend an evening event and want the option to throw on a wig to get ready quickly. I have clients from age 4 to 99.” says Carol. “For women who have lost their hair the salon has a reassuring feel since it doesn’t look like a clinic. There’s a private room in the back for wig consulting.”
When asked what clients like in particular about her manner, Carol is candid. “They like the intimacy and privacy of our salon and the fact that I give them real knowledge about wigs. I share with them the tricks of the trade so to speak.”

Carol recommends that chemotherapy patients come to the salon before they've lost all their hair. "That way I can duplicate their current color and style," she asserts, and adds, "It's the best time to get a wig." For clients with alopecia areata who lose their hair when the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, Carol often relies on photos, or matches a wig based on the person's color and complexion.

Once these clients receive their wigs, begin wearing them and feel normal again Carol says unequivocally, "It's life altering! They're so incredibly relieved to feel pretty again. As women it's really important for us to have our hair. Many of my clients feared they would be stared at or shunned if people saw them without hair. It's a sad fact that our society is comfortable with men going bald, but not women. These are the times when I feel that I'm really helping people and it reminds me of why I went into this kind of work."

Carol's extensive training in hair replacement gives her a sharp eye for good wig construction, and a thorough understanding of what makes a quality wig. She deals mostly with synthetic wigs in a high quality price range — between $250 to $500. Human hair wigs turn out to be much more pricey — with good quality starting at $800 to $1000. "I look at the quality of the wig's cap, its weft and durability, the quality of the hair... people want to wear a wig that doesn't even look like a wig. High quality synthetic wigs fit the bill. That's what I aim for. Plus synthetic wigs are so much easier to care for. Once a month you shampoo with a wig shampoo and the style stays in. Shake it out and it's ready to wear. Synthetic wigs are easy care compared to human hair wigs which must be treated just like human hair — with a wash, set and blow dry."

With more than 40 years of salon experience Carol has operated her own salon in State College and Harrisburg. What started her off in the wig business was her own mother's need for a wig 15 years ago after being hospitalized. This led to Carol's decision to open a wig boutique. Her special interest and passion for hair replacement has blossomed from there.

For more information about Greg Jockel Hair Colour Dezign, and wig services with Carol, please call the salon at 724.934.0211, or visit the website at www.gregjockel.com.

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