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Greensburg Care Center Launches $1.2 Million Expansion to Enhance Services for Residents and Their Families


The Greensburg Care Center has announced a major expansion project that will enable it to better meet the diverse and complex needs of Westmoreland County's rapidly growing elderly population.

The $1.2 million project began this fall and will expand the skilled nursing center by more than 4,000 square feet. Once the expansion is completed in the summer of 2017 the Greensburg Care Center will be increasing the number of private rooms, add a special stimulation room, update office space, and enhance its courtyard.

According to Laurie Tamasy, administrator of the Greensburg Care Center, emerging healthcare trends and changing family dynamics drove the need for this expansion.

"Today, there is a greater demand in the community for patient-centric services that better meet the needs of residents who live in skilled nursing centers," said Tamasy. "As families become more empowered, they are asking for services that are more accessible and afford their loved ones with a better quality of life. For instance, families are requesting more specialized care for their loved ones in a setting that provides greater privacy and better multi-sensory stimulation. To better serve our residents and their families, we will be expanding the Center for the Memory Impaired, increasing the number of private rooms, and enhancing customer service."

Center for the Memory Impaired (MIU) Expansion

In order to meet the growing needs of the community, the Greensburg Care Center will be adding up to 30 beds to the Center for the Memory Impaired. The MIU will also feature more common space, an expanded lounge and dining room, and a state-of-the-art Snoezelen Room, a relaxing space.

"Studies have proven that Snoezelen Rooms help to calm individuals who are exhibiting behaviors such as agitation and anxiety," said Tamasy. "What's more, Snoezelen Rooms are highly effective in managing multi-sensory reactions and encouraging communications."

Tamasy added that the expanded MIU, that is being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright trained architect, Richard Manns, will feature an enhanced courtyard with full-length glass windows in the foyer. "This will allow more natural light to illuminate the MIU and enable the residents to relate better to the gardens in the courtyard," she said. "A well-designed setting not only offers a more relaxed living and dining environment, but it also helps the residents to reconnect with the world they once knew."

Addition of more private rooms

 In response to family preferences for more privacy, the Greensburg Care Center will be increasing the number of private rooms for both the Memory Impaired Unit and the Skilled Nursing Unit. According to research, individualized space promotes greater comfort, which improves the quality of life for skilled nursing residents.

Tamasy pointed out that private rooms are also essential for isolating residents who are recovering from a drug-resistant infection. "Skilled nursing facilities are increasingly providing care for residents who have acute care needs and who may be experiencing an infection such as C. difficile or MRSA," she said. "By adding more private rooms to our facility, we will be safeguarding the health of all our residents, just as a hospital would."

Enhanced customer service

 Other enhancements will feature increased classroom size for community education and training, updated office space, increased computerization, and expanded parking. "All of these enhancements will improve customer service by making our facility even more accessible for family members, staff and the community," said Tamasy. "In addition, the expanded training area will help us to be able in increase our training capacity of nurse's aides so we can continue to offer more jobs for local residents."

As the Greensburg Care Center expands, it will also increase the size of its care team. The MIU will be hiring additional staff who are specially trained to care for memory impaired residents and will add dedicated activity staff. The center already has a psychiatrist who monitors all residents, a nurse practitioner, and staff members who are specially trained in Alzheimer's disease and dementia care. Staff also are trained to match each resident's lifestyle with various therapeutic activities.

"We are excited about the expansion of the Greensburg Care Center and look forward to providing our residents with an even higher level of care," said Tamasy. "This expansion will make care more accessible for communities such as Greensburg, Latrobe, Jeannette, Scottdale, Irwin, and Mt. Pleasant."

For more information about the Greensburg Care Center, call Laurie Tamasy at (724) 836-2480 or visit its website at www.mygreensburgcarecenter.com.


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