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Find Peace of Mind By Taking Charge of Your Retirement Plans Now
By Caitlin Bartley and Abigail Mason

What are your best options for living well as you age? Taking liberties with a quote from William Shakespeare, the answer goes something like this: Some have the opportunity to choose wisely, some have limited choices, and some have their senior living options thrust upon them.

Most people do not want to consider the possibility of developing a chronic ailment or disability. Yet, the truth is that almost 70 percent of the population turning 65 today will require long-term services and supports in their remaining years. (US Dept. of Health & Human Services). Though 30% of the population may never require long-term services, about 20 % will need care for longer than five years.

What does that mean for you and your family? By preparing ahead, you can be ready for just about any set of circumstances that unfolds as you age. By planning wisely, you may be able to avoid having decisions thrust upon you. You may also be able to:

  • Relieve your children of the burden of making tough decisions, selecting your care, or becoming caregivers.
  • Make a plan that fits your financial, social, and health situation.
  • Be informed and have peace of mind where your health and lifestyle are concerned.

Providence Point is recognized as Pittsburgh’s premier retirement community. It is a Life Plan Community, offering a variety of LifeCare contracts that provide the guarantee of care within the community no matter how a resident’s healthcare needs might change.

Providence Point residents often involve their children in their decision to move, but for the most part, it is the seniors themselves who choose the community as their retirement address. Their reasons vary--from the great amenities to the 5-star healthcare--but frequently it also involves being near to children and grandchildren as well as not being a burden to them.

Residents Bill and Linda Dempsey see their decision as a gift to their children because a difficult decision was taken out of their hands and made simpler.

“It is the country club of living conditions with every amenity desired,” said William Dempsey. “We wanted to come to Providence Point, and we made the decision that much easier and timely for our children.”

Frequently, when healthcare needs arise later in life, the individual may not be capable of managing the necessary decisions, and choices may already be limited. If a family decides home care is an option, there will likely be expenses for modifying the home and coordinating care with aides and nurses, as well as a commitment from family to be caregivers.

Understanding what Medicare and other insurance covers is an important lesson to learn so that you can be prepared--not only for your choices - but for how much those decisions will cost.

According to Motley Fool, if you remain healthy at age 65, you have a good chance of living until you’re 80, 90, even 95. You can increase those odds by living a life that is imbued with wellness - addressing the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, dietary, monetary and emotional aspects of your well-being.

“Reports claim that people living in a CCRC tend to live longer. They have opportunities to socialize and exercise. They live in an environment designed to protect their health and safety as they age,” said Marilyn Walsh, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Baptist Homes Society. “Currently, some Providence Point residents are participating in a study with Mather Lifeways to prove this claim. Five years from now, when the results are in, I believe they’ll get that proof.”

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For more information, contact Baptist Homes Society at (412) 572-8258 or email mwalsh@baptisthomes.org.

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