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Resident-Centered Focus Key to Westmoreland Manor’s Rehab Program
By Vanessa Orr

Recovering from a medical condition such as a stroke or a hip fracture can be extremely difficult. One thing that can make it easier for patients is to get personalized therapeutic support in an inpatient setting.

“One of biggest benefits of inpatient rehab is that there are staff members available to help residents with whatever they need; especially things that they would have trouble doing if they were home alone,” explained Shelley Meyers, rehab director for Allstar Therapies at Westmoreland Manor. “We also have a lot of resources available to us—not just weight equipment and Therabands, but also bikes, parallel bars and standing frames to help patients who need assistance while they build endurance.”

Westmoreland Manor provides short-term rehabilitation for patients recently discharged from the hospital as well as rehab services for the long-term residents of its skilled nursing facility. Families who need someone to care for a loved one while they are out of town can also take advantage of its respite program.

“Our short-term residents have rehab six times a week,” said Meyers. “We also monitor our long-term residents for signs of decline and offer therapies to help them improve.

“If a family wants to go on vacation and can’t take mom, they can have her stay with us,” she added. “We’ll take good care of her, and they can leave knowing that she’s safe.”

Westmoreland Manor provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help patients improve to the best of their abilities. “We tend to see patients with multiple comorbidities—they may have diabetes, balance issues or a history of falls,” said Meyers. “We provide rehab so that they can get back home, or require a lesser level of care.”

Physical therapists work with patients on everything from dynamic balance or learning to use different assistive devices. “We do a lot of ‘high balance’ things,” said Meyers, giving the example of patients utilizing the Westmoreland Manor courtyard to re-learn how to walk outside on uneven surfaces.

Occupational therapy helps patients with activities of daily living. “If a person normally does a lot of cooking, we have therapists who work with them here in a small kitchen that we use to simulate the home environment,” said Meyers.“You wouldn’t believe the wonderful smells coming up the hallway when they’re making haluski or pumpkin pie.”

Speech therapy helps patients with speaking, memory, managing medications and swallowing, and even managing finances. “The residents love to use our iPad applications to practice paying bills,” said Meyers, adding that it also helps improve memory and attention span. 

Through its home assessment and evaluation program, a staff member will visit patient’s home to look at the living environment and bring that information back to the treating therapist. “If we know that a patient will have to walk up five stairs when she gets home, for example, we’ll work on her ability to do that,” said Meyers. “We also go with the resident and a family member to the house before discharge and run through their daily routine to make sure that they can return home safely.”

The company also contracts with many home health agencies, which is an advantage once the patient is ready to go home as it provides continuity of care.

“Everything we do here is centered around the care of the resident,” said Meyers. “Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure that they have everything they need to improve and to get back home with their loved ones.”

To learn more about rehabilitation services at Westmoreland Manor, call 724-830-4000 or visit www.westmorelandmanor.org.

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