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Using Integrated Wellness to Achieve Dynamic Health & Personal Growth
By Dr. Kathleen Hartford

Dr. Kathleen Hartford

All areas of medicine now officially recognize and support Mind-Body Medicine. From the medical periodicals to holistic practitioners, there is no denying that your body and your mind are intimately related. Together, your body and mind contribute greatly to your expression of sickness or health.

The foods you put into your mouth, the thoughts that consume your brain, the physical environment in which you live, the emotional state of your mind, your past physical experiences of accidents, injuries and day-to-day postural stressors all come together to create your individual expression of health. Every small, seemingly meaningless action contributes to your health in a big way.

Integrated Wellness is a practice that combines techniques that support mind-body balancing through balancing neurology, biochemistry, bioenergetics and emotions to give the greatest genetic expression of who you were meant to be in the world. This highest expression of health, wellness and vitality is what I desire for all of my patients in my Natrona Heights integrated wellness practice, Health Pyramid.

No matter how you choose to work with us at Health Pyramid – via a rejuvenation retreat, a 21-day weight loss program, mind-body services or by utilizing our natural pharmacy - the end goal is the same: we aim to empower and support you on your journey towards total health and wellness. Wellness is not a fixed goal or "place to get to", rather a constant engagement of the right choices and healthy energy. We picture this as a wheel, anchored by its integral spokes of support.

I extend an invitation to you to join us on your path to exceptional health and wellness - knowing that the focus is always on you. Our proven, integrated mind-body therapies provide you with a highly individualized, comprehensive approach to wellbeing.

At Health Pyramid, we provide traditional chiropractic services, as well as Rejuvenation Retreats, a Natural Pharmacy, a 21-Day Weight Loss Program and my signature healthy aging book program: Fit Fun & Fabulous - At Any Age!

My personal goal is to ensure that you achieve the lifestyle you deserve in a warm, caring and supportive environment.

Office Services

At Health Pyramid, our wellness facility located in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, we offer the following Mind-Body services:

  • Light force chiropractic
  • Massage therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Functional medicine
  • Neuro Emotional technique
  • Total Body Modification
  • Oriental Medicine / Acupuncture 

Most insurances are accepted. Call to make an appointment 1-800-893-5000. Visit www.drhartford.com to see our various services, including rejuvenation retreats, weight loss programs and our natural pharmacy. Dr. Kathleen Hartford is the author of Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age, a program that reverses the biomarkers of aging. She is also the founder of Health Pyramid Longevity and Vitality Center and the philanthropic Sister Support Organization.

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