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Focus Senior Benefits: Helping You Find the Medicare Plan Right for You
By Daniel Casciato

Frank MacNeilAre you enrolling in Medicare for the first time or are you thinking of making changes to your current plan? Since your healthcare coverage decisions can have a serious impact on your health and financial well-being, you may benefit from the expertise of a Medicare health insurance professional.

As a Medicare Health Insurance Agency in western Pennsylvania, Focus Senior Benefits, Inc. deals with many of the major carriers in the area so it can help anyone getting on Medicare for the first time or is currently on Medicare and want to make changes.

“We’re not pushing just one company on you,” says Frank MacNeil, agency manager for Focus Senior Benefits. “After performing a 4-to-6-question needs analysis with you, we can match you with the actual benefit plan that will meet your needs at a price you can afford.” 

In addition, MacNeil notes that his agency will educate its clients first.

“We can help you understand what Medicare is, especially if you’re coming from an employer-based health insurance plan,” he says. “We can help you understand the changes, what will be different, and what will cost you. Our educational standpoint also sets us apart from other agents. We want to give you an overview of what to expect when you’re on Medicare.”

One of the biggest misconceptions of Medicare, according to MacNeil, is that you have to get on Medicare at the age of 65 or you will be penalized. Some employers will cover their employees’ health insurance past 65.  It is always best to talk to your employer in addition to making an appointment with a broker.

“What we want to do is talk to people three months before they turn the age of 65, go over their current situation, and then formulate a timeline of action that we need to have certain steps done by so they can avoid penalties,” says MacNeil.  “Our goal is to educate people who turn 65 so you can get all of the benefits that you are eligible for at a price you can afford.”

After meeting with someone from Focus Senior Benefits, they will go over some of the guidelines of Medicare, let you know the bare minimum you need you are not penalized, and then run a quote for you.

“We will come back with a high, medium, and low option and sit down face to face to see which options actually work the best for you,” says MacNeil. “Everyone is different so we handle each situation differently.”

When evaluating your health and financial well-being, MacNeil adds that it’s important to examine your health and financial situation from the last two years.

“Know what health conditions you need to have covered, what you can afford, and what is important to you,” he explains. “You may or may not need all the bells and whistles. If you focus on the last two years, that gives us a starting point in helping us to come up with the best and most affordable plan for you.”

For more information, visit https://focusseniorbenefits.com/ or call 412-446-2491.

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