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Color Me With Energy
by Michelle Adams, HHC

In the last 50 years or so, as food became more processed, people have become disconnected from the energetic qualities of fresh foods...our life force.

Let’s reconnect!

We all know that food has physical qualities, but the right foods can also promote emotional effects on us by energetically influencing our vitality, moods and feelings. There are many factors that contribute to our sense of energy and vitality:

First, the big factors that decrease it:

  1. Chemical (toxic) stress – in our food, in our environment, in our self care products and household cleaners.
  2. Mental and Emotional stress – trauma, work overloads, heavy schedules, finances, relationships, worry, anxiety, etc. 
  3. Physical stress – illness, injury, surgery, pain and fatigue.

Let’s talk about food – my favorite subject!

Main Energy Zappers:

  • Processed prepackaged foods, white flour products like bread, tobacco, sugar, trans fats, alcohol and artificial sweeteners. (takes too much energy to process)
  • Caffeine stimulants such as energy drinks, soft drinks, coffee, and chocolate may seem to give an energy boost, but they are actually very depleting, drawing out minerals and nutrients with a highly addictive damaging roller coaster of effects on our bodies.
    It can be helpful to your energy levels to begin reducing, or best yet, eliminating several of these foods. A health coach can help you do this without the overwhelm.

Foods that increase your energy:

  • Foods that are alive, have life force! These foods are often raw and spoil quickly, think farmers market. Great rule of thumb is: if microorganisms cannot thrive on it, what makes me think I can?
  • Whole Foods: whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits and beans will help you to conserve energy within. These unprocessed foods keep all of the components of their original, natural state: like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Our bodies recognize these nutrients and easily process them.
  • Superfoods have a very high level of nutrients. Dark leafy greens, organic berries, raw nuts/seeds and sea vegetables like spirulina are powerful sources of nourishment and energy.

Food comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Try adding a rainbow of foods to each meal, this will not only add balance, but enhances a wide range of nutrition and a spectrum of energies that can result in a deep sense of physical and emotional satisfaction!

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Michelle Adams, HHC, is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach at Living in Balance at The Spa in Ligonier. To learn more about The Spa in Ligonier, visit www.livinginbalance.life or call (724) 433-0952.

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