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A Caregiver's Work Is Never Done
By Christine Pringle

And you've heard it all before,

"Take time for yourself."

"You need to take a break."

"You can't do it all alone."

Read on for some tips on getting things done, and sneaking in some fun.

Be a master prioritizer –be willing to make yourself a priority. Determining what can wait till later can be a life saver. You have a load of laundry that's not going anywhere on its own, but you're feeling a bit run down. Listen to your body's clues and go to bed early, leave the laundry. Throw a load in in the morning if you must, but get a good night's sleep first.

Frequent friendly establishments – getting errands done while socializing is a good boost to your spirit. If your friends all use a local hairdresser, suggest a day when your appointments can coincide. Have Mom's hair done too, and suddenly you've had a fun afternoon.

Enlist family and friends when you can! Not just your friends, but Mom or Dad's friends as well. They will likely appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch and you can trust them - even if it's just for an hour while you go do some shopping.

Plug in fun additions to your daily routine. Incorporate his or her hobbies or activities into your day.

  • While you garden, Mom or Dad could paint, draw or color. If you are caring for a youngster too, even better! Playing cards or puzzles are also possibilities. Have your youngster read to Gramma or Grampa.
  • While you cook, put in dvd's from Mom or Dad's era and allow some time for what they enjoy watching. Music from the 40's will also entertain nicely!
  • Bring out some pictures and try some new hobbies. Maybe he or she would enjoy scrap-booking, or choosing the pictures for your newest project.

Amidst all of the fun you're having, only you can know what you do and appreciate the sacrifices you make and the care you provide. Give yourself credit for what you do, and know that you are a very special person!

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