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Achilles Foot Care Patient Sees Results in Just Weeks
By Kevin Brown

Toenail fungus plagued John Caruso of Irwin for much of his adult life.

“He had it for a long time, ever since he was in the service,” says John’s wife, Susan. “They just looked terrible. The toenails were thick and hard to cut. All ten toes were involved.”

After using an over-the-counter toenail fungus preparation for over a year, John sought help for the problem from Dr. Patrick D. Roberto at Achilles Foot Care.

“We were doing treatment at home before that where you put the medicine on every day, kind of like a nail polish,” Susan says. “There wasn’t much improvement at all.”

Achilles Foot Care offers the LunulaLaser® by Erchonia for non-invasive, pain-free treatment of onychomycosis, or toenail fungus.

“Onychomycosis is a wide-spread condition that affects up to 10 per cent of the world’s population,” says Dr. Roberto. “Erchonia’s FDA-approved LunulaLaser is an ideal treatment because it offers effective, pain-free, non-thermal treatment—without side effects or dangerous smoke plumes as other hot lasers used to treat onychomycosis.”

John had four treatments with the LunulaLaser in March and April of this year—­­once a week for four consecutive weeks. Susan says it was easy: “You just walk in, sit down and they put your foot in the LunulaLaser one at a time.”

“Within two months, we started to see from the nail bed that John’s nails were improving,” she says. “And, from the top, you could see several of the nails were clearing up rapidly. The nails are starting to look normal.”

Patients can expect to wait for up to a year for complete recovery as the toenails grow out. Susan says that John started to show improvement in just weeks. “You can see remarkable improvement in a couple months,” she notes. “Yes, it’s working really well. Some of the toes are actually clear now.”

“The LunulaLaser treatment involves four, 12-minute sessions per foot,” explains Dr. Roberto. “You just keep your foot in the machine for 12 minutes and it focuses two wavelengths of light on your toenails. The light penetrates the nail fungus and creates two different types of reactive species that combine to create one chemical within the mitochondria of the fungus that kills it.”

“I’ve seen much quicker results with the LunulaLaser than any other treatment plan I’ve used for 25 years,” notes Dr. Roberto. “The LunulaLaser clinical trial proved 89 per cent of patients respond to treatment.”

John and Susan are so happy with the results that they have recommended the LunulaLaser treatment to others. “We really like Achilles Foot Care,” says Susan. “Dr. Roberto did an excellent job and we’re really pleased with the LunulaLaser treatment of John’s toes.

For more information about Achilles Foot Care, visit www.achillesfootcare.com or call (724) 468-5368 in the Delmont area or (412) 372-7100 in the Monroeville area.

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