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Q: "Have I been hypnotized before? Can I be hypnotized without knowing?"

Jan LeeA: Yes. We go in and out of hypnotic states every day. Think of that foggy minute when you first awaken? Your brain is in slow mode. Waves are slower. You are in a suggestible state, so what do you put in your mind?

Think of that drifting off state just before you fall asleep. Brain waves are slower and you are suggestible. What do you put in your mind when you are falling asleep?

Think of the last experience you had that "carried you away." You lost track of time and you were dreamily focused on something (a great book or movie, exhilarating music or sporting event, lovemaking, art). Hypnosis is this state where you are focused in a relaxed way and suggestible to messages.

As a young girl, I was so focused on an episode of "Twilight Zone" (the one with the ape-like creature on the wing of a plane) that I still look for it when I'm flying!! That experience was hypnotic.

Now you know. Even if you haven't visited a hypnotist, you have been in many hypnotic states. The next step is to reprogram your mind while hypnotized. Delete the negative programs and add the positive!


Jan Lee CH, RN, JanLeeHypnosis – (724) 351-1242

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