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Q: "I recently started having trouble sleeping at night due to more stress at work. Can acupuncture help?"

A: Yes, there is a good chance it can. When the body and mind are under stress there is often an internal conflict that causes restlessness. Acupuncture works very well and bringing balance back to the body so that it can better deal with stressors in life. And it can help you maintain a more relaxed healthy outlook on life and all it brings your way.


Q: "My knee pain has also put stress on my low back causing tightness and discomfort. Will I need different acupuncture treatments to address both issues?"

A: Not necessarily, pain anywhere in the body creates tension elsewhere in the system. Because acupuncture naturally treats the whole body, it can help alleviate your knee pain and it will also relax and calm the body/mind so you are more able to heal faster with less overall stress.

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