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Weight Loss Apps
By Valerie Barlow, Exercise Physiologist

Do you want to lose weight, but are struggling to figure out how to shred those unwanted pounds? Being in the mindset of where to even begin to achieve a weight loss goal can become frustrating and discouraging. With that being said, did you know that you have the ability to access some of the best recourses, and it is right at your fingertips? Your phone has the ability to provide you with different weight-loss applications that you are able to download to help you achieve your goal by tracking your lifestyle habits. When trying to find the right weight-loss application, make sure to look at the ratings, the compatibility for specific smartphone devices, and the price of the application. This article will go over a few of the top rated weight-loss applications that are available for smartphones.

MyFitnessPal provides the opportunity to count calories to support a healthy weight loss program with no cost. It calculates your daily calorie needs and will allow you to log what you eat throughout the day. MyFitnessPal also offers a barcode scanner, which make it easier to enter in nutritional information. Another benefit with using MyFitnessPal is that you are able to log items from a menu at a restaurant. MyFitnessPal has the ability to sync with certain fitness-tracking apps, which will help adjust your calorie needs based on what you burned during exercise.

Lose It! is another free weight loss app that focuses on calorie counting and weight tracking. After downloading the app, an analysis of your weight, age and health goals will be performed to determine your daily calorie needs as well as a personalized weight loss plan. Similar to the MyFitnessPal app, Lose It! also has a barcode scanner for entering foods into your log. It also saves foods that you enter frequently to make the tracking process a little easier. Lose It! is different than other weight loss apps, because it has a snap it feature, which allows you to track your food intake and portion sizes by taking a picture of your meals. This app can also be sync up with other weight loss and fitness applications.

Fitbit is another great application for tracking weight, exercise and sleep activities. Fitbit is slightly different because in order to use the free application, you must own a Fitbit device. Fitbits are a wearable device that measures activity level throughout the day. Fitbit also allows you to keep track of your food and water intake, sleep habits and weight goals. With the Fitbit app, you can set alarms to remind you to get up and walk every hour, as well as can receive awards when you achieve a specific goal. If you have a group of people in your family or that you work with that owns a Fitbit and uses the Fitbit app, you are able to connect with them to participate in different challenges.

The three weight-loss applications listed above have some of the highest ratings compared to other weight-loss applications. With that being said, there are also other applications that are not listed that have high ratings, as well. It is important to know, when starting a weight-loss journey, take a moment to figure out what will work best for you to be successful. It is okay to download and test different weight-loss applications before finding the one that suites your needs. In order to be successful with any new program, you have to trust it and enjoy the process.

If apps are not for you find out other ways to help with your weight loss goals at Washington Health System Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center. Speak with one of our representatives at (724) 250.5208.

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