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St. Clair Receives 12th Consecutive “A” Rating for Patient Safety
By Nancy Kennedy

For twelve consecutive grading periods, St. Clair Hospital has received an “A” grading for patient safety from the Leapfrog Group, a highly regarded national non-profit healthcare ratings organization. The Leapfrog Safety Grades range from A through F and are assigned on the basis of a hospital’s performance in preventing falls, medical errors, infections, injuries and accidents. The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades for Spring 2018 awarded St. Clair an “A” for its continuing commitment to setting and meeting the highest safety quality standards in the nation.

St. Clair has a dynamic, far-reaching patient safety program that encompasses every aspect of the Hospital’s operations and every corner of its facilities. A multidisciplinary safety committee collaborates in safety data collection, data analysis, benchmarking and trending. The safety program, which includes a fall prevention program, has created an entire patient safety culture within St. Clair, involving every staff member; staff members help by identifying patient safety issues, responding to safety risks and incidents, documenting safety events for further analysis and taking actions to prevent harm to patients. The Hospital has an online patient safety newsletter, Safety Corner, which is issued to all staff to keep them informed about safety issues and apprised of new strategies. St. Clair is constantly seeking opportunities to improve patient safety.

Receiving the highest possible rating for 12 consecutive grading periods places St. Clair in the highest echelon of hospitals throughout the USA for patient safety. St. Clair is one of 2,600 hospitals rated twice a year by the Leapfrog Group in 27 separate safety categories, including patient falls, a major quality indicator.

The Leapfrog Group was developed in 2000 to measure hospital quality and safety; the Safety Grades program is one of their primary initiatives and is intended to empower consumers by providing them with potentially lifesaving information. Having information about a hospital’s safety record, and being able to view their track record over a period of years, helps consumers make informed decisions about their healthcare and that of their families. The Safety Grades program was developed by a Blue Ribbon panel of hospital safety experts from around the country. Leapfrog’s findings are peer-reviewed, transparent and available for public review at www.leapfrog.org.

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