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New Online Registration Available at St. Clair Urgent Care

An innovative technology is transforming the patient experience at St. Clair Urgent Care at St. Clair Hospital Outpatient Center - Village Square in Bethel Park. A new self-scheduling tool makes it possible for persons who wish to be seen at St. Clair Urgent Care to electronically register, reserve a spot in the patient queue, monitor their progress moving up in the line, and receive a text message when it is time for them to be seen. Best of all, this can all take place from the comfort of home or office.

The online registration system streamlines the delivery of care at St. Clair Urgent Care, minimizing waiting and keeping the patient constantly informed of his status. It helps eliminate the frustration of not knowing how long the wait will be, and it greatly reduces the waiting periods that can occur at busy times. David Kish, R.N., Director of Emergency Services at St. Clair Hospital, is excited to offer this service to the community. "Registering online gives the patient a new option and a better experience. It's convenient, efficient, and easy to use. You choose the best time for your visit and reserve your place in line by using a smart phone or computer, and you receive text messages telling you when to arrive for your visit. If there are delays, the system's real time data algorithm will send the patient a text message advising him of the delay and providing an option to reschedule for a later time. The system is designed to minimize wait times and to provide the patient with a better experience by reducing unanticipated surges in patient arrivals."

Kish says that registering online not only offers advantages to patients, but also to the Urgent Care staff who will be caring for those patients. The system facilitates the logistics of treating the wide variety of patients who visit St. Clair Urgent Care, providing data that can be used by the staff to anticipate needs and prevent a backlog of patients.

To access and use the online registration system, please visit stclair.org/urgent-care. Click the link to get in line. Choose a check-in time. See text message of when it is time to arrive.

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