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St. Clair Hospital Joins Prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network
By Nancy Kennedy

An exciting new collaboration between St. Clair Hospital and the world renowned Mayo Clinic means that patients with clinically challenging conditions will benefit from the expertise of eminent Mayo Clinic physician specialists, without having to leave their trusted St. Clair physicians.

In late August, St. Clair became the newest member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a creation of the prestigious medical institution that is known for pioneering research and exemplary clinical practice. The Network is a group of just 40 – now 41 - specially selected hospitals that share the Mayo Clinic’s values and meet the same high standards for quality, safety and patient satisfaction. Physicians at Network hospitals are able to collaborate with the Mayo Clinic’s expert physicians in numerous medical specialties, including cardiology, cancer care, neurology, pulmonology and gastroenterology. The clinical collaboration gives St. Clair patients a unique advantage and the benefit of access to the most advanced, highest quality level of care, at no additional cost to patients or their insurers.

St. Clair is the only hospital in western Pennsylvania, and just the second hospital in the state, to be invited to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The relationship is primarily one of clinical collaboration, and is not a merger or a partnership. St. Clair will remain a fully independent, locally governed hospital, with direct access to the resources of one of the world’s top medical institutions. St. Clair physicians will be able to access Mayo Clinic experts in a number of ways:

eConsults, which will enable St. Clair physicians to make a direct, immediate electronic connections with Mayo Clinic specialists for consultations about clinically challenging cases;

AskMayoExpert, a huge database providing the most recent, Mayo Clinic-vetted medical science and research findings, which St. Clair physicians can access at the point of care, 24/7;

eTumor Board, an interdisciplinary panel with Mayo Clinic and Network experts for the analysis of complex cancer cases;

Mayo Clinic Grand Rounds, an archived library of past presentations of clinically interesting or exceptional cases by Mayo Clinic physicians;

Patient Education, an extensive library of teaching materials and tools developed by Mayo Clinic physicians and nurses for patient education

Jeffrey Friedel, M.D., a board certified cardiologist and chair of the cardiology department at St. Clair, says that the collaboration will provide great advantages to St. Clair physicians and will directly benefit their patients. “St. Clair patients are going to greatly appreciate knowing that their doctors can access this level of expertise and collaborate with Mayo Clinic physicians as well as others in the Network. They’ll have Mayo Clinic specialists involved in their care, while they continue to receive that care right here at home.”

Prior to being invited to join the Network, St. Clair was thoroughly evaluated by Mayo Clinic experts. Every aspect of hospital operations was reviewed, to assure that St. Clair met the MCCN’s standards for quality, safety, and services.

Mayo Clinic is based in Rochester, Minnesota and also has hospitals in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona and in Jacksonville, Florida. It was ranked as the nation’s number one hospital by U.S. News and World Report in August, in their 2016-2017 Best Hospitals issue, which compares 5,000 hospitals in 25 medical specialties. In addition to being named number one overall, Mayo Clinic was ranked first in eight specialties, more first place rankings than any other hospital in the nation, and was named to the Best Hospitals honor roll. Mayo Clinic is a destination every year for thousands of international patients, who travel to one of its’ U.S. locations to receive the most cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic care for rare, challenging or complex medical conditions.

For more information, visit www.stclair.org

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