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The Watson Institute Announces Interactive Website to Assist Educators and Caregivers of Children with Special Needs – WatsonLifeResources.org

The Watson Institute has created an online web application to complement our services to teachers, trainers and caregivers who teach and support children with autism and other special needs: Watson LIFE Resources (Learning and Information for Families and Educators). The site is populated with questions and answers by Watson consultants who gathered this information over the past 15 years working with special education professionals in school districts in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New Jersey. Our consultants share strategies with teachers to help students with special needs reach their potential. These strategies are described in detail throughout the site.

Here’s how it works:

  • A person types a “question” that is a concern about a child and receives an answer to the question. For instance: How do I encourage my child to brush his teeth? How can I help my student organize her materials for class?
  • An answer is displayed with step by step instructions, downloadable materials to use, and in most cases a video demonstrating the process of the answer.
  • Each “answer” or strategy recommended is identified as an “established” treatment or an “emerging” treatment based on The National Standards Report of the National Autism Center.
  • If a question is posed to the site for which there is no answer, it is sent to Watson consultants, who moderate the site, and an answer will be created and posted to the site.
  • Subscribers to the site may rate and comment on answers and strategies.

Our purpose in creating the site is to assist caregivers and educators of children with special needs anytime and anywhere. Keeping the site free to subscribers is the best way to grow content with more questions and answers, comments and ratings.

The Watson Institute is grateful to PNC Foundation and the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust for financial support in the development of the site. We encourage visitors to the site at www.watsonliferesources.org.

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