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The Children's Institute Serves Infants, Children and Teens

When you're looking for the right person to help address your child's health, you want an open ear, an open mind, and experience. At The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh, they have all three.

Its Developmental Pediatrics practice, led by Dr. Scott Faber, serves infants, children, and teens with a wide range of developmental-behavioral disorders, including autism spectrum disorders. Their team may include a physician and/or nurse practitioner, nurse, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) and additional therapists from its staff, as needed. Their entire Developmental Pediatrics practice is outpatient.

Treatment can help children in numerous streams of development such as:

  • Gross motor and adaptive skills, such as the ability to move large muscle groups to achieve movement of the body;
  • Fine motor and adaptive skills, such as the ability to move smaller muscle groups, typically in the hands and arms;
  • The ability to communicate, known as expressive language skills
  • Various aspects of cognitive abilities
  • The ability to understand verbal and non-verbal communication, known as receptive language skills;
  • Biofeedback, where children with developmental disorders can benefit from learning to control brain blood flow, EEG, and skin temperature;
  • Mixed developmental delays, where a child has significant developmental difficulties before the age of 5.

At The Children's Institute, developmental pediatrician Dr. Bethany Ziss also cares for children ranging from infancy through adolescence who have a variety of developmental disabilities. 

"Each child and family is unique and we provide ongoing individualized care and support as children grow and develop over time," she said. "I come to developmental pediatrics from a perspective of neurodiversity, drawing from my background in education, the disability community and advocacy.  The Children Institute's  family-centered plans incorporate a variety of strategies, from book recommendations to referrals to community organizations, as well as more traditional medical and therapy approaches."

To learn more or to make an appointment, please contact (412) 420-2561 or visit www.amazingkids.org.

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