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Building a Personal Community

Feeling connected, understood, and having shared experiences is care that is necessary, but not always a priority, for the disability community. Equal rights, medical care, transportation, and recreational opportunities, are just some of the challenges that those living with a disability encounter daily. Having a community to talk to, share with, and learn from is essential to personal growth. Finding that community can be difficult. Many have success connecting through social media, websites, or support groups.

The Woodlands, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disability and chronic illness, fosters community through events, summer camps, weekend retreats, clubs, and social media. The Woodlands strives to not only give campers a fun experience, but an enriching one as well. If campers and their family members leave our campus, Facebook page, and events feeling understood and heard, we are another step closer to accomplishing our goals. We list resources on our website, share inspiring and relatable stories on our Facebook page, and host educational events for campers and family members. Fostering a community surrounded by positivity and helpful resources is an important part of our job.

For information on our year-round programs for people of all ages with disabilities visit www.mywoodlands.org.

Join The Woodlands’ community, and see what we have to offer!

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