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Celebrating the Art of Learning for the Visually Impaired

The Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children (WPSBC) strives to provide individuals with visual impairment every opportunity to succeed. Our commitment to enhancing the lives of our boys and girls is unparalleled, as we join them on their journey from early intervention through adulthood.

Founded in 1887, WPSBC is strongly rooted in tradition, while continually looking to the future. Every day, educators and therapists are seeking new and innovative ways to care for our special students. Their dedication and unwavering commitment provide the very best educational opportunities for students with visual impairment.

Our classrooms never have more than seven students, guaranteeing individualized services each day. The classroom teams include a certified teacher of the visually impaired, behavior specialist, occupational therapist, orientation and mobility specialist, physical therapist, para-educator, registered nurse, and speech language therapist. It is important that we create this nurturing environment so each student feels supported.

For students with disabilities, the school experience is critically important. WPSBC is dedicated to being a multifaceted organization that provides students with every opportunity to succeed.

A typical week for students includes horticulture classes for sensory activities, adapted physical education, adapted aquatics, apartment class to practice life skills, music, art, and special performances on campus allowing our students to engage in the arts.

This school year, WPSBC developed a comprehensive Arts Initiative to continue this tradition while fostering the transformative power of the arts.

Through new techniques such as STEM learning, students can engage in hands-on learning like never before. Whether learning about geography with topographic maps or hydroponics, our students learn using uniquely adapted technology and equipment.

WPSBC’s Oakland campus is a safe haven for close to 200 students who rely on these comprehensive services. Hundreds of other students throughout 33 counties in western Pennsylvania also rely on WPSBC to assist them through our outreach services.

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For more information, visit www.wpsbc.org.

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