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Summer Camp: An Experience to Remember
By Dr. Dana Monroe

Summer camp is a great experience for both parents and children. For parents, it’s a milestone that helps in letting go. For the child, camp encourages them to experience independence in a new way.

As with any new experience in your child’s life, it is important to communicate about what is happening day to day. Communication is also key to keeping everyone (summer camp provider, school district, other professionals, etc.) on the same path, and ultimately provide the best care for your child.

Finding the right camp is important, especially if your child has special needs or a health condition. Choose a camp that offers activities related to your child’s interests, and also has experienced and knowledgeable staff that can meet your child’s needs.

The more you understand what the camp offers, the easier it is to prepare your child for the exciting summer ahead. Before camp starts, ask any questions you or your child have about what to expect. Discuss safety precautions at the camp, special events that may take place and what daily activities are scheduled. It is important that camp offers an enriching program that suits your child’s and your family’s needs.

As the school year comes to a close and the excitement builds for the summer ahead make sure requirements are met prior to the first day of camp such as:

  • Appointments and/or documentation of physical exams, vaccines, etc.
  • Make arrangements for prescription medication, dietary restrictions, allergies or any agency services your child may receive.
  • Transportation to and from camp.
  • The items your child will need to bring on a daily basis, and what items are not allowed at camp.

Remember camp is a chance for growth and new experiences. Your enthusiasm about camp will prepare your child to be confident and excited about their summer adventure.

Dr. Dana Monroe, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, New Story Western Region, can be reached at dmonroe@newstory.com or 1-877-622-7245.

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