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Business Spotlight: LIFE Pittsburgh
By Jenni Anderson, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist and Deanna Guarnaccio, Outreach Supervisor

LIFE Pittsburgh is a local, community-based nonprofit organization which provides comprehensive and integrative care to seniors 55+ in Western Allegheny County who want to remain in their homes but need supportive services to do so. Many seniors have multiple chronic health conditions that complicate their daily lives, but with LIFE Pittsburgh’s thoughtful, coordinated help and support, they can live safely and independently in their homes in the community. By providing a spectrum of services, LIFE Pittsburgh serves as a strong, central source of support and enables older adults to age with dignity.

What is the range of services provided by LIFE Pittsburgh?
LIFE Pittsburgh is an all-inclusive program, meaning that it encompasses medical care; nursing care; medications; social work services; physical and occupational therapy; personal care; nutrition services; transportation; meals; recreation and socialization; and in-home care. Medical care is provided at the center and includes care by primary care physicians, registered nurses and specialists. LIFE Pittsburgh’s program is a seamlessly integrated plan of care that is individualized to meet each Participant’s unique needs and preferences.

What makes LIFE Pittsburgh distinctive?
The hallmark of the LIFE program is the philosophy of respect and individualism, provided by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) which consists of a physician, registered nurse, dietician, physical, occupational and recreational therapist, social workers, personal care assistants and more. The IDT meets daily to discuss the unique needs of each individual and modify care plans as these needs change. The continuous coordination of care sets the LIFE program apart from any other care model, ensuring that Participants are able to maintain their quality of life, dignity and autonomy.

The LIFE program provides all Medicare and Medicaid home and community-based services including a Day Health Center. LIFE Pittsburgh is a proven model of care that has served over 1900 seniors in 21 years of operation.

How does LIFE Pittsburgh support caregivers?
LIFE Pittsburgh’s team recognizes that caregiving can be overwhelming, and that older adults often have needs that are far greater than what families can meet. Help with meal preparation, personal care, housekeeping, transportation to appointments and medications are among the tasks that LIFE Pittsburgh’s team can take over, enabling caregivers to enjoy a relaxed relationship with their loved one again.

What do Participants say about LIFE Pittsburgh?          
Participants appreciate the convenience of having a “one-stop shop” – having all of their medical care provided in one location. Many seniors who live alone experience loneliness, so the socialization and human relationships they enjoy at LIFE Pittsburgh’s Day Centers greatly improves their quality of life.

How much does LIFE Pittsburgh cost?
Health care is expensive; however, with LIFE Pittsburgh, there are no costs to receive services for those who qualify. That means no monthly premiums, deductibles or co-pays. There is also no waiting list to receive services! Our Assessment and Enrollment Specialists will assist you with every step of the enrollment process.

To learn more about LIFE Pittsburgh, visit www.lifepittsburgh.org or call (412) 388-8050 to speak with one of our Assessment and Enrollment Specialists. Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/LIFEPittsburgh

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