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Innovative Team Work Enhances Person-Centered Care
Colorful tool improves Presbyterian SeniorCare Network resident transitions

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network is committed to community outreach and finding new and innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for those who we are privileged to serve. That is why we provide training to other partners about dementia care when a resident transitions out of our direct care.  Our modules educate registered nurses in the ER, nursing units and quality improvement teams at hospitals, as well as first responders such as local fire and police departments and EMS teams.

Our teams teach dementia basics, how to recognize common behaviors, effective communication and how to effectively work with families. A large part of this initiative is education on the use of a “resident history” form that has been designed to reduce transfer trauma, the stress that a person living with dementia may experience when changing living environments. The form accompanies the resident during transitions from a Presbyterian SeniorCare Network community to the hospital.

The “history” form details any anxiety-producing situations, challenging behaviors and successful interventions. The form is on bright yellow paper and is the first page of the transfer paperwork that accompanies the resident during the transition.

All of the information is packaged in a purple cinch bag that has the Presbyterian SeniorCare Network logo on it, which the hospital team has come to recognize, prompting them to look for the yellow form.

Having these two colorful identifiers help to build a relationship with the hospital, which in turn supports the hospital team in more quickly getting to know the patient. This person-centered approach by not only the Presbyterian SeniorCare Network team, but by the medical teams and first responders, focuses intently on the welfare of the patient and helps to provide a safe transfer.

Pre- and Post-tests are given to those who participate in our training. Over the past year, the results reflected 100% improvement in comfort level and/or competency of the training participants when interacting with individuals living with dementia. Our teams continue to replicate these education efforts at local hospitals and amongst first responders, proving our commitment to being socially accountable and to sharing our dementia expertise.

For more information on dementia care training, please contact Carrie Chiusano, executive director of the Presbyterian SeniorCare Network Dementia Care Center of Excellence, at 412-826-6065 or cchiusano@srcare.org.

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