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Healing Rhythms Brings Wellness Program to You
By Eve Gutwirth

Age is not a disease but it can definitely change your physiology. When a person reaches their 50s, they often notice slow changes in their bodies: the skin thins out and loses its' natural bounce; muscle mass decreases; reaction times slow down. Personally, I see age as a badge of accumulated wisdom to be celebrated, but a one size fits all approach to wellness does not work!

I have seen people who live to be 100 years old who manage to enjoy their health and stay fit. Often they participate in programs that include chronic condition management. Healing Rhythms can bring a wellness program to you.

The massage techniques that are used at Healing Rhythms have their basis in the research and techniques that were formulated by Dietrich W. Meisler, founder of Daybreak Geriatric Massage. Our therapy begins at the feet dissolving away any swelling in the ankles, knees and hips and delivering a healing and relaxing dose of circulatory stimulation, moving on to complete a 1/2 hour massage. This approach uses lighter strokes than a regular massage and follows gentle precautions to care for a variety of health conditions including joint replacement and/or connections to medications. The duration is shorter but we are truly thorough!

Healing Rhythms massage techniques can be adapted for both healthy and frail elders. A comfortable chair massage for clients who want to remain seated and dressed is available. Healing Rhythms comes to your home, serves in institutions and visits senior retirement communities. Regular wellness treatment sessions can be in your wheelchair or on a bed. Each service appointment is lovingly put together so that you truly relax and enjoy this gentle therapy! Regular geriatric massage is offered with affordable options that fit the wellness plans of all our seniors and those in every community.

Healing Rhythms has been launched with support from Volunteers of America's Working Order small business incubator. For more information, call at (724) 961-7850, visit www.healingrhythmswellness.com or contact Eve Gutwirth, Geriatric Massage Therapist, at healingrhymswellness@gmail.com.

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