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What a Geriatric Care Manager Can Do For You
By Randi Rubin

You receive a frantic call from a family member. A loved one has been hospitalized. They were found lying on the floor by a neighbor. The worst possible thing that you can imagine happening to your loved one just happened. Reality settles in. If you are like most people, you knew that your loved one needed more help, but you had no idea how serious the problem was.

Many times a person is called about a family member who needs immediate assistance. For most people that call involves canceling or postponing things so a family member can provide the help required. Unfortunately, most people cannot take on this added responsibility for an extended period of time. Work calls. Kids call. Life is so busy.

Finding someone who can provide the needed services your family member needs can be confusing or down-right frustrating. There are many organizations that can provide services for an elderly person, but how do you know if you are hiring the right person. Have you found an honest, reliable, and competent person or agency? Will they be reliable? What will it cost? For relatives who live out of town, finding someone who can assist their loved one can be doubly hard. People think they can depend on their children, spouse, other family members or friends for assistance in their old age. Some people are lucky to have such support, but others are not as lucky.

When an frail, elderly individual needs assistance and the community agencies are unable to provide the needed support, there is another option available. Hiring a professional Geriatric Care Manager like Golden Years Management can be the right decision for a variety of reasons. A licensed social worker can come to your person's home, to a nursing home, to a hospital, or to a personal care home. The professional can do an assessment to find out what types of services are needed and they can refer the senior to individuals or organizations that are able to provide the right kind of service on the right schedule.

Some of the issues that a geriatric care manager can assist with are: arrange, screen, and monitor in-home help with other services; suggest referrals for financial, legal, mental health, or medical issues; assist with moving an older person to or from a nursing home, personal care home, or a private residence; assist with daily money management and other financial concerns; and accompany a person to a medical, mental health, financial, legal, or housing appointment. They can meet with family members in the evening or on the weekend and work closely with out of town relatives to keep them informed about their loved one's progress.

It is a challenging time for both the client and the family members. The issues of aging and navigating new disabilities can cloud the good times. Hiring help allows caregivers to continue with their family and community responsibilities while maintaining their own health and mental health.

To find out more about Geriatric Care Management, the fees for services, the services that are covered by Medicare, how private insurance can be implemented or other details that will help your loved one be safe, contact Golden Years Management at (724) 339-0281, e-mail Randi Rubin, senior care manager, at rrubingcm@verizon.net or visit our website at www.goldenyearsmanagement.com.

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