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GO Westmoreland: Integrating Technology into GO Westmoreland Services
By Summer Aston

On Monday, April 16, GO Westmoreland launched a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system available to all GO Westmoreland riders. The night before a rider has a trip scheduled, they receive a call confirming their ride for the next day. If a rider does not answer on the first call, the system will attempt to call riders three times, leaving a voicemail on the third attempt if the rider does not answer. When a rider receives this call to confirm their appointment, they have the option of cancelling their ride for the next day. With an average of over eight hundred trips a day, it’s inevitable that there will be cancelations. The IVR system makes it more convenient for riders to cancel their trips without having to call into GO Westmoreland.

On the day of a scheduled trip, riders receive a call when their vehicle is 10 minutes away from picking them up. When scheduling a trip, riders are given a half hour pick-up window for their trip. For example, a rider might be told to be looking for their vehicle from 9:00-9:30 AM. With the new IVR system, they receive a call when the vehicle is 10 minutes away from their pick-up location. This can help alleviate some of the anxious feelings that often come with waiting for a ride and allows riders to be prepared for the arrival of their vehicle.  

With the new IVR system, GO Westmoreland is working to make their services available through multiple platforms, which aids in accessibility to all the resources they provide. Advanced GPS and scheduling technologies are utilized by GO Westmoreland to help deliver the most reliable and consistent service to riders. In the future, GO Westmoreland looks to continue their commitment to growth and development as it best serves county residents.

To learn more about the transportation services offered by GO Westmoreland, visit their website at www.westmorelandtransit.com or call 1-800-242-2706.

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