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GO Westmoreland: Providing Safe and Reliable Transportation to Westmoreland County Residents

The face of seniors is changing in Westmoreland County, and GO Westmoreland recognizes this with their continued effort to assist older adults with active aging and independent living. The GO Westmoreland Senior Shared-Ride Program is a feasible alternative to driving. Trips can be taken for any purpose, such as going to the grocery store, a medical appointment, or even the hair salon. Riding with GO Westmoreland allows older adults to confidently get to their destination, no matter the occasion. Funding for this door-to-door program is provided by the Pennsylvania State Lottery. Once enrolled in the program, older adults 65+ may travel at a discounted rate using GO Westmoreland. They would also be able to travel on any fixed-route bus service in the State for free.

Additional discounts are available through the Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging (AAA). When an adult 65+ registers with the AAA for their Priority Transportation Program, an extra 10% is deducted from their copay when traveling to certain destinations. Some eligible trips are medical appointments, Senior Centers, Senior Center based shopping, AAA Adult Day Care, and AAA Vision Care.

Older adults are keeping up to date with growing technological trends, as technology is a large part of our world today. GO Westmoreland is working to make their services available through multiple platforms, which aids in accessibility to all of the resources they provide. Advanced GPS and scheduling technologies are utilized by GO Westmoreland to help deliver the most reliable and consistent service to riders. With the recently released online scheduling feature, riders can schedule trips to preauthorized locations, cancel a trip, check their trip fare, and view trips they have scheduled online or through the call center. In the future, GO Westmoreland is looking to integrate more technologies such as scheduling with a smartphone app, and using electronic fare payment.

GO Westmoreland assists seniors, and also provides transportation for persons with medical assistance. With the Medical Assistance Shared-Ride program trips can only be taken for medical purposes, but are done so completely free of charge. Funding for this program is made possible through the Department of Human Services.

Disability Transportation is another valuable service provided by GO Westmoreland. With their Americans with Disabilities Program (ADA) and Persons with Disabilities Program (PwD), they provide transportation for those who cannot mentally and/or physically utilize fixed-route public bus services.

To learn more about the transportation options offered by GO Westmoreland, visit www.westmorelandtransit.com or call (724) 832-2706.

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