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Helpful Hints to Convince a Loved One to Receive Home Care

Many times it is obvious to a caregiver when a loved one needs extra help in their home to remain safe and independent. Unfortunately, the person needing help does not always feel the same way. Following are some helpful hints and informative steps to convince a loved one to consider the option of home care, allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own home when they may otherwise need to move into an assisted or extended care facility, or even require hospitalization.

  • If a couple is living together, align yourself with the more independent partner. Make suggestions to them, explaining their spouse would benefit from home health services or outside assistance even though they both might. If they think this will help their spouse, they are more likely to consider assistance.
  • Suggest hiring someone to handle household chores and not necessarily personal assistance. This seems less threatening, then as time progresses, they may be more apt to accept more help.
  • If your loved one is living alone or with you, focus the attention on you as the one who needs assistance, not your loved one. If they know you are the one who would benefit from outside help, their concern for you will make having someone help a much easier decision to make.
  • Involve people in your loved one's lives who could help to influence their decision. If they trust this person and their judgement, your loved one might be more willing to accept their advice. It might be their physician or a trusted friend or neighbor, but it might just be the right person to help them make the right choice.

There are many options for caring for people in the comfort of their own homes that can assist in keeping them out of the hospital or a nursing home. It may not always be easy to convince a loved one they need assistance, but once they have it, they begin to appreciate the help.

For more information, contact VNA of Western Pennsylvania at 1-877-862-6659 or visit www.vna.com

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