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Consulate Retirement Village Offers Affordable Short-stay and Long-term Care
By Vanessa Orr

As people age, they sometimes find that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to live independently at home. While some may need help on a temporary basis, such as while recovering after a fall, others may require personal assistance on a more permanent basis. In both cases, Consulate Retirement Village of North Strabane can help.

"At Consulate Retirement Village, we strive to provide personal care at a reasonable cost. One of the things that sets us apart is that our facility's daily rate is all-inclusive; it includes assistance with activities of daily living, a furnished apartment, three meals a day, laundry and housekeeping services and more," said Business Development Director Cassandra Legge. The rate also includes transportation to and from doctors' appointments, scheduled activities and exercise programs, cable, phone, Wi-Fi, and access to licensed nurses and medication technicians.

"There is no move-in fee, and families appreciate that there are no unexpected costs at the end of the month," she added.

Consulate's Stepping Stones program is also unique. "We developed this program as a response to a huge need that we saw in the area," explained Legge. "Quite frequently, patients in hospitals or skilled nursing facilities are dropped from their insurance though they, or their families, don't feel that they're strong enough to go home. Through our program, they are able to stay with us for a transitional period—at no extra cost—while they work to gain more strength with additional physical and/or occupational therapy." This service is offered within the facility by Genesis Rehabilitation.  

Consulate also provides short-stay respite service for families who need a safe and caring alternative for their loved ones when they can't take care of them at home. "For example, we had a caregiver who hadn't had a vacation in years; he was able to go to Florida for a month while we cared for this father," said Legge. "It's kind of like a hotel stay, with a fully furnished room and meals provided."

In addition to short-term stay guests, Consulate also has permanent residents who live at the facility. "The advantage of staying in a personal care home is that it gives the person's family peace of mind," said Legge. "There are staff and nurses available 24/7 if a fall or something else should happen.

"A lot of seniors have memory issues, and they don't always remember to take their medications. Some also suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia, leaving their families concerned that they'll wander," said Legge. "Individuals who wander are at high risk of injury, so we provide a WanderGuard system, which alerts the entire building if a resident is exiting the building. Families appreciate this reassurance."

Residents have access to a robust activities program that includes a lot of interactive activities, entertainment and scheduled outings. There is also a barbershop on-site as well as a kitchen area that is open to residents and their families for birthday parties and other events.  "It's a stressful time for families, and we want them to feel 100 percent comfortable that they've chosen the right place for their loved ones," said Legge. "We try to make the transition as easy as possible."

For more information, call 724-746-0600 or visit www.northstrabaneretirement.com.

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