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At Community LIFE, Quality of Life Comes First

At Community LIFE, a staff of wise and gentle healthcare professionals care for seniors in a setting where healthcare is defined and delivered differently, with the emphasis on “care.” It is a setting that provides for all their healthcare along with day care, home care, care coordination and practical services such as transportation. Philosophically, Community LIFE departs from conventional medical care by prioritizing individualized, coordinated medical care. This approach improves quality of life by matching care to a participant’s goals.

We provide care that makes sense for the individual, with consideration for quality of life and independence. Our doctor, patient ratios allow time for providers to get to know patients as people, and to get to know their values. We have the opportunity to develop long term relationships that help them make informed decisions about their healthcare.

In addition to providing excellent access to primary care, Community LIFE has a full multidisciplinary care team consisting of home care nurses, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, activities therapists, dietitians, day center supervisors, and the aides and drivers who are the front line. The team provides necessary medical care relative to the participant’s disease, but also emotional and physical support, as the person ages. This specially trained staff gets to know each patient well, understands their values and hopes, and advocates for them, in every circumstance.

“Our focus is on getting you the care you really need – well-chosen care that is essential to your quality of life, functioning and independence. Our program includes very practical services such as transportation, wellness services and other forms of infrastructure which are usually lacking in traditional care. At Community LIFE, we make it easy for people to get this kind of care.”

“Aging is not a medical problem, it’s a part of life,” Dr. Char, Community LIFE Medical Director, says. “We need to build a healthcare system that will help seniors with serious illness age with dignity while preserving their independence. Many seniors find hospitalization and nursing home stays undesirable and want to be at home. This is Community LIFE’s mission.”

“At Community LIFE, we help ease their burden of having to navigate a complex medical system by providing practical services like transportation arrangements or coordination of appointments. As health declines further, even simple things become more challenging, like getting groceries, getting dressed and preparing meals. This is where Community LIFE differs; we have a built-in infrastructure to provide these services and meet those needs.”

Ultimately, says Dr. Char, Community LIFE brings the person back to being themselves – not a diagnosis or a set of symptoms, not a ‘patient’ but a participant in their own care and decision making, empowered and at ease. “With this kind of care, the person will have less pain and anxiety and they simply feel better,” Dr. Char says. The feedback from our participants and families is amazing. They can hardly believe the difference it makes – the person becomes happier and more content.”

For more information about Community LIFE, call us at 1-866-419-1693 TTY 711, or visit info@commlife.org.

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