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Can We Afford Senior Care?
By Sharon Boschini

Money, and the cost of care, is always a concern when an aging senior requires care. Sadly, the discussion about care needs and cost is often delayed or avoided by the family. The presumed cost of care whether it is, homecare, personal care or nursing care, can frequently frighten a family from any type of action. Delays in quality care often compromise the safety and well-being of the senior, so avoidance of the topic can prove to be even more costly.

A generalized uneasiness is often present when an adult child is forced to discuss money and care costs with a parent. Often, adult children are frequently not privy to their parent’s financial balance sheet, and make assumptions that may not be accurate. Mom and Dad could have lived a modest life, and now have substantial savings and a comfortable retirement income. A more extravagant couple could have spent every penny they earned. Adult children are often surprised when they take a first-time look at their parent’s financial situation. Every personal balance sheet reveals the true ability to pay for care—this truth can be either frightening or liberating as it reveals limitations or advantages in senior care choices.

Clearly, the decision to hire senior care assistance must be based on the needs and well-being of the senior. The cost of care is always dependent upon the level of care needed, with the realization that care needs tend to grow and change over time. For this reason a senior care consultant can help guide the family during this difficult and confusing time. After a professional assessment, she can help educate the family about the true costs of care. She can instruct the family about federal funding options such as VA Benefits. She can dispel assumptions and rumors of hyper-inflated senior care costs, and provide current pricing. After an informed discussion with a senior care professional, families may be pleasantly surprised to discover affordable care options to enhance the quality of life of their loved one, and be moved to action. 

Karen Schaeffer, Senior Care Consultant, can be reached at (724) 933-7350 or visit www.ageanddignity.com.

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