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Your Up-To-Date Medical Information Could Save Your Life - So Wear It!

Karen Schaeffer walked into the examination room for her follow-up visit. The doctor followed her into the room with a thick manila-colored folder in hand. On the cover was written "Volume II". Schaeffer laughed when she saw the title, and then joked about the doctor's need to use a gurney to transport her thick medical file.

Even though she was joking, she realized that "Volume II" revealed her complicated health history. The contents were vital, as it described her medical tests and lab results, medication allergy, and previous health events. Those records would be difficult to recall memory during an emergency. She knew that she could not carry Volume I and II in her wallet, or glove box. She needed a manageable system that could speak for her, if she couldn't.

She found it when she learned about the CARE Medical History Bracelet 3.0™. The bracelet is the world's first electronic medical bracelet with software that stores lifesaving information for emergencies. The band, and attached small flash-memory device, carries a patient's complete medical history. It can be plugged into a computer to help physicians and first responders during a medical emergency.

When a new version of the bracelet – CARE Medical History Bracelet 3.0 – was made available for distribution earlier this year, Schaeffer leapt at the opportunity. She is the owner of Age & Dignity LLC; a Wexford-based senior care consulting firm. Age & Dignity now has the exclusive distribution rights for the 3.0 version in southwestern PA.

"The CARE Medical History Bracelet is the missing link that closes information gaps between patients and caregivers on the one hand, and health-care providers on the other," Schaeffer said. "A hospital or first responder would know instantly about allergies, asthma, diabetes and medication use. This device will save lives."

The 3.0 version can store all of a patient or family's medical history including:

  • Physician' information
  • Medications
  • Medical Conditions & Allergies
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Insurance
  • Living Wills, POA's and DNR's
  • Photo Identification

The CARE Medical History Bracelet 3.0 runs on both Windows and Mac computers and doesn't require downloading to a hard drive. The bracelet, made of a safe, durable resin, carries its USB flash memory device packaged in an easy-to-use and wear band. It allows for easy access to and downloading of medical information via any computer's USB port.

Many health-care providers have converted to electronic record keeping but despite this technological advancement, not all computer systems communicate directly with other healthcare providers. Patients with complicated health histories often consult with a number of medical specialists in different locations - and many do not share electronic records.

The CARE Medical History bracelet bridges the "computer inoperability" gap by allowing the patient or caregiver to bring up-to-date, accurate records from provider to provider. The patient carries the technology, and the vital information, on her wrist - wherever she goes.

To learn more about the CARE Medical History Bracelet, go to www.ageanddignity.com.

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