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Empowering Patients Through Innovative and Progressive Treatment
By Daniel Casciato

At Legacy Medical Centers, everyone is treated like family.

“We’re not an assembly line,” stresses Dr. Matt Burnett, D.C., CCSMS, FST, who runs the Peters Township-based practice along with his brother Thomas Burnett, MD. “We take our time with patients one-on-one. You will see the doctor you make an appointment with. In this era of healthcare, the doctor-patient relationship has been lost because of the time required and the documentation. Here at Legacy, you will feel at home and develop a relationship with your doctor. You’re part of the family.”

Legacy combines the best of both traditional medical and chiropractic care to form a cohesive multi-disciplinary health system. Its team is comprised of chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors. Its patient-centered approach utilizes innovative and progressive technology, nutrition, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.

“We just don't manage your pain. We have the most advanced modalities in western Pennsylvania by far and because of those technologies we can obtain superior results,” says Dr. Burnett, adding, “We’re like the Tesla of medicine.”
Most of the conditions Legacy addresses include everything from strains and sprains to concussions and anything that is neuromuscular related. Not only will Legacy work one-on-one with patients, but they also work with several of the clinical staff, to reach an accurate diagnosis and develop customized treatment plans that will lead patients to the highest quality of life possible.

Patients at Legacy will go through a comprehensive exam but more importantly, notes Dr. Burnett, they want us to listen to their story.  “You can’t treat everyone the same because you won’t receive the results you are looking for,” says Dr. Burnett. “We take our time with our patients. Once we identify the problem at hand we will go through a series of modalities that can decrease inflammation and swelling within the patient. That will help alleviate that initial onset of pain. We’ll then go through another series of procedures that will correct those problems. If it’s a joint that is restricted, we will manipulate it. If it’s a nerve that is damaged, we will laser it to regenerate the nerve itself.”
Dr. Burnett, who started his career at Wheeling Jesuit University—where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Medicine and graduated summa cum laude—attended National University in Chicago where he earned an additional degree in biology as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

At Legacy, Dr. Burnett treats a wide range of patients, but has an overall special niche in the athletic world treating local as well as professional athletes. His experience started as an athlete himself at Wheeling Jesuit University, where he was a four-year varsity letter winner and NCAA Academic All-American with the men’s soccer team. Dr. Burnett continued his soccer career as the assistant men’s and women’s soccer coach at Illinois Tech in Chicago while earning his doctorate degree. Upon graduation, Dr. Burnett stayed on with Illinois Tech as their Strength and Conditioning Coach until the 2010 season. After moving to Pittsburgh in 2004, Dr. Burnett quickly got involved in the soccer community. He started his local coaching career as the assistant coach for the girls Norwin varsity soccer team. After three years on staff, he transferred schools, serving as the assistant coach of the Peters Township High School girls varsity soccer team from 2010-2013. 

In addition to his successful coaching career, Dr. Burnett has worked with over a hundred NFL athletes from nine different teams. He continues to see athletes from MLB, NHL, LPGA, PGA, and professional boxers.
“With my athletic background, I have had the same injuries some of my patients have had,” he says. “That background, and working with athletes at all levels, has had an influential impact on my career and specialty. It also helped me better relate to our patients.”

While all patients differ in terms of their medical needs, the one thing that Legacy encourages is movement.
“We want our patients to keep moving,” says Dr. Burnett. “Our goal is to get them back up and running. Movement kills pain. The lack of movement enhances the pain that these chronic patients are having. When we move, high intensity exercise releases a cascade of endorphins and natural hormones that kill pain.”

Legacy Medical Centers has three locations: Peters Township (724) 941-0707, Irwin (724) 382-5626, and Robinson (412) 480-6036. For more information, visit www.legacymedicalcenters.com.

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