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Pharmacist Best Source for CBD Products and Information
By Lois Thomson

Cannabidiol – or CBD – products come in a variety of forms and may offer relief for a variety of ailments.  Available in tinctures, capsules, creams, and oils, among others, the products can be used for disorders involving pain, anxiety, and sleep, to name a few.  But with so many options, how can you know which is most appropriate for you and whether you are buying a good-quality product?  A pharmacist who is familiar with each type and can explain their usages can help.

For example, Sue Schropp, RPh, owner of The Medicine Shoppe in Latrobe, explained that tinctures are liquids that you put under your tongue.  "They have an almost immediate effect, because it's absorbed kind of like nitroglycerin.  There are different dosages, and we help you figure out which dosage is best for you."

Capsules are another form of CBDs, and Schropp said, "Because the tinctures are liquid you can change the dose more easily, and once we see what works best for you, we may be able to transition you to a capsule.  They are easier to take, but we don't like to start with them because we want to see what dose you need."

Other products include massage oils, which people often use as a rubdown after participating in sports; skin creams, which are used for pain and also on blemishes and to help make the skin soft; and gummies, for daily use, or ones with melatonin to help with sleep.  Schropp said there are even ones for pets.  "We sell a lot of pet products.  They help with joint pain, and even with pet anxiety – a lot of pets are very nervous around fireworks or thunderstorms, so you can dose them with CBD to give them some relief."

So many products are available, but Schropp cautions on where to purchase them.  "There's so much CBD out there, everywhere you look, somebody is selling it – gas stations, vape shops, beauty shops.  But do they really have the knowledge, are they going to check your history for drug interactions?  And are their products as pure as they say?  People have brought in some products they purchased from the internet that were really just rip-offs, they contained little or no CBD, and they paid a fortune for them."

That's why Schropp recommends dealing with a trusted pharmacist.  "We will go through what you're using it for, what drugs you're on, what else you have tried.  We're willing to help you pick which product you need, then usually ask you to come back and give us a follow-up.  With a follow-up visit, we can figure what's the most economical way for you to go."

For more information, visit The Medicine Shoppe in Latrobe at 709 Ligonier Street, call 1-877-938-7493, or visit latrobe.medicineshoppe.com.

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