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'Painting With A Twist' Offers Therapeutic Benefits and Fun for All
by Judy Ridilla, Owner, Painting With A Twist

Painting With a Twist was founded in 2007 with over 324 franchise locations around the country. It is the #1 franchise in the Paint & Sip industry. The concept pairs instructional art with friends and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art.

Our Greensburg location opened in 2015 offering jobs to talented artists in the area. Some of the artists have their Bachelors Degrees in Art Therapy, while other are working on their Masters Degrees.  We offer artwork ranging from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals.

Painting With a Twist provides a unique experience that encourages our customers to relax, have fun, and to forget about daily stresses.  It is a lively environment full of positive and happy energy.  Individuals are encouraged to try painting, even though they may be brand new at it, and to realize with a little bit of guidance, that they can end up with an amazing painting.  As a result, the painting experience has a therapeutic effect on our customers. Individuals experience the relaxing effects that the creative process and painting can have on them. Our guests get a self-esteem boost when their paintings turn out wonderful, and they continue to visit our studio often.

We also offer an outlet to our customers who have, or are currently experiencing, trauma, illness, or a disability.  In addition to providing them with a creative outlet, they are given an opportunity to reduce stress and improve motor function.  Being with a group of people also allows individuals to be surrounded by different people and creates a positive use of community connection. 

Couples who may be experiencing an emotional detachment from one another or just need a new place to hang out and share an experience, can come and paint one of our couples sets.  One person paints the left side of the painting onto to one canvas, and their partner paints the right side of the painting on another canvas. When you hang it on the wall, the two paintings become one.

We have seen emotional improvement in stroke victims who were originally reluctant to even leave their house.  Once they start coming to the studio, not only do they feel more independent, they also improve their motor skills.  Individuals or  veterans with depression find our art to be fun and uplifting. Mentally challenged individuals find relaxation through art. Personal Care Homes and Nursing Homes provide their residents with day out events at our studio.  Even autistic and cancer patients benefit from art. 

One of our favorite classes is Paint Your Pet.   At first the painting doesn't appear to be similar to their photo, but then you add the eyes and the  mouth, and the personality comes alive. Painting gives them a sense of accomplishment, reduces stress, improves motors skills, and gives them personal peace.

In keeping with the foundation of Painting With A Twist and to help people with disabilities and cancer patients, we have hosted fundraisers for the Cancer Society, Autism Society, Arthritis Foundation, and Genies Kids. We also host an annual Vera Bradley fundraiser for cancer research.  We give back 50% of the seat costs per event.

We are very passionate about our business and realized that Greensburg needed a place like this. We want to be involved in the community and make art accessible to everyone.

If you are interested in attending one of our  classes or holding your own private event at the Painting With a Twist Greensburg location,   call (724) 221-6527 and one of our Event Coordinators will be happy to help. Private Events also offered for Seniors, Autistic Children and Cancer and Stroke Patients.

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