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Reiki? I Heard of it, But What Does it Mean?
By Tabatha Knox, NHP, CEI, RMP

There are so many holistic healing modalities that at times we may all feel challenged about what direction to take in our healing journey as our thoughts go through our mind wondering if this is something that is honest and true, or, an encounter that will turn out to be a disappointment. Reiki is honest and true and not a new holistic healing modality. It was actually developed by a Japanese man in the early 1900s. We are just starting to hear about it more frequently as we as individuals are in search for modalities that can complement our current protocols.

A Reiki session is noninvasive. You will simply lie on a massage table fully clothed. A practitioner will place their hands on or above specific energy locations of the body. This may help dissolve energy blockages and tension. The goal is to create a state of natural balance within the body. This is not only physically, but, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. A session will last approximately 50 minutes. Reiki is not a massage. Their is no pressure or manipulation during the session. Relaxation music is usually played. The more balanced and relaxed we feel, the greater our chances become of creating the state of natural balance within ourselves.

According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine, people are seeking Reiki out for all types of Cancer, fertility issues, Parkinson's disease, psychological illnesses, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, digestive problems and stress related diseases. Hospitals around the country have been adding Reiki in to their wellness programs.

The International Association of Reiki Professionals may help you feel more comfortable in choosing a Reiki Practitioner. The members of this association must show proof of their qualifications to become a member. If they are part of the Association and have certificates with years of experience, they more than likely care deeply about their practice. The most important part in choosing a Reiki Practitioner is that you feel comfortable with the Practitioner and their compassion towards Reiki.

Tabatha Knox, Reiki Master since 2003, can be reached at (412) 613-4480 or Seb1306@aol.com or visit www.alternativewellnessnaturally.com

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