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All My Shoes Have an Ugly Worn Out Bump!
By Marcia Hale

If you have them or know someone who does, the words 'sore,' 'painful' and 'ugly' sound very familiar. Phrases like, "I can't find any comfortable shoes," or "I can no longer wear attractive shoes," or even, "All of my shoes have an ugly, worn- out bump" describe your foot fashion.

If you're rubbing your foot as we speak, you've probably considered doing something about it, but for some reason have not. I can assure you, now is the time to do something!

I was a former bunion procrastinator and can promise that the issue doesn't just go away. Instead, it gets worse. I used every excuse in the book including, "I can't take time off work," and "I have kids to run around after," and "I'm afraid of surgery," and "My bunions don't look that bad." Even "They don't hurt that much!" If I'd come in sooner, there would have been a lot of other options available to treat the issue before it progressed to the point of needing surgery.

Finally, I agreed to have surgery. "Wow!

What a relief!" It looks fantastic. Now, my new shoes won't need to be two sizes too big to be comfortable because of the ugly bump. When I reach down to rub my foot, I'm not saying "Ouch!" to myself. I have to look twice because the area is smooth and pain- free! Then I look at my other foot and say … "You're next!"

Call with any questions about bunions, as well as various other lumps and bumps and cysts and tumors. Your feet aren't supposed to hurt. Call Beaver Valley Foot Clinic today at 724-375-1577. We are located in the CranMar Plaza on Rt.19 in Cranberry Township and at four other locations in Beaver, Butler and Allegheny Counties. Visit www.BVFootClinic.com.

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