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What Do Other Countries Know That We Don’t?
By Bethany Narey, CCT

Bethany NareyThe United States has the most expensive health care system in the world. However it does not have the most comprehensive health provision in the world. Thermography is often an oversight within the United States healthcare system, specifically in Pennsylvania. Thermography, state of the art medical imaging technology allows men, women, and children to detect disease, pain, and bodily dysfunction. Thermography being a progressive imaging tool, utilizes current infrared technology to detect early signs of abnormalities throughout the body up to 10 years before other diagnostic instruments. Rather than looking for a structure or mass, thermography identifies vascular and cellular changes that are traced by temperate differences and visualized in color. Thermography has hundred of applications from breast cancer detection, chiropractic applications, sports injuries, and visualizing pain; yet it is non-invasive, has no-radiation, and completely painless.

Why haven’t you heard much, if anything, about thermography? Thermography has been FDA approved since the early 1980’s although it is still not widely used throughout the United States. The majority of Pennsylvanians do not even know it is an available option for them in their healthcare program. States such as California, Florida, and Connecticut have a large patient base that utilizes thermography because it is a safe alternative in their personal medical imaging choices.

Thermography provides an option when it comes to imaging. Countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, and Poland utilize thermography extensively; this is shown by the medical literature being published from these countries. In fact, most of the research utilizing thermography is conducted in the mainstream hospitals and universities. These countries among others are more interested in thermography applications in neurology, rheumatology, and vascular medicine. However, the United States only utilizes thermography primarily in the breast health sector.

Today we know the benefits of detecting dysfunction in the body at an earlier stage. We also know the importance of having options in our healthcare that are radiation-free and non-invasive. Thermography is one of the latest tools to enhance the well being of men, women, and children and is now available in our community.

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