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There is A New Hospital In Town
By Lois Thomson

"We have an unusual phenomena – healthy patients who are normally quite anxious to be discharged, are often reluctant to leave the hospital." What? What could Dr. Gregory Christiansen possibly mean? Who doesn't want to go home from the hospital?
Well until now, most patients were clamoring to get out, even when their physicians advised otherwise. At Advanced Surgical Hospital, a private, physician-owned hospital, they find the high-amenity environment hard to depart. Since May of last year, patients have been enjoying private room amenities that include family accommodations, low nurse-to-patient ratios, gourmet Italian cuisine, posh common areas, free cable TV, and Internet Wi-Fi.
In an era when smaller hospitals are closing or being taken over rather than opening, Gregory B. Christiansen, MD explained how this came about. As a member of a prominent orthopaedic practice called Advance Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, Dr. Christiansen stated, "We wanted to create a more modern specialized environment for elective care. After a failed attempt at a collaborative project with an existing hospital, we merged our practice with another orthopaedic group with the idea of building our own facility."
He said they had learned of a private physician hospital in the Sharon, Pa., area called Edgewood Surgical Hospital. "It was a model of right-size efficiency; patients were able to quietly recover in comfortable private rooms. The facility was beautiful, spotless, and well-equipped for elective surgery. We encountered a nursing, OR, and support staff in an environment where people were happy to come to work and took individual pride in making a positive difference. It really grabbed us that the physicians, staff, and patients seemed enveloped in a mutual atmosphere of healing. That's when we decided, 'This is something we want to do for our patients.'"
Dr. Christiansen said the group met with architects and engineers to change their original surgical center project into a hospital development. They received bank funding, Department of Health-approvals, and Medicare Certification. They meticulously hired the best 50 staff employees they could find.
He said, "We are able to spend more focal time with the patient, and to customize care via specialized tooling and processes that maximize patient outcomes. As a physician-led facility, it is easier to convince peers of the need for a better piece of equipment or more effective treatment protocols. We're able to provide lower patient-to-nurse ratios not typically available in traditional hospital settings. Everybody I talk with (on nursing and allied health staff) says, 'This is what I wanted to do when I got into medicine.'"
In addition to the personal care, the hospital has made arrangements with a local pharmacist, Cutis Pharmacy, for prescriptions and medications to be brought directly to the hospital so patients can be discharged and go straight home without having to make additional stops. Further, the hospital offers meals from Angelo's, one of Washington's finest restaurants. "They cater breakfast, lunch and dinner for our patients, and patients can choose from a menu, with dietary supervision."
Now you can understand why people have difficulty wanting to go home!

For more information, call Advanced Surgical Hospital at (724) 225-8657.5

At A Glance: Advanced Surgical Hospital
Advanced Surgical Hospital is a private, physician-owned hospital that opened in May 2010. It is located in Washington, Pa., just off I-70, in the same complex as the Wild Things baseball stadium. It has 14 beds, four operating rooms, a procedure area, and also offers physical therapy, MRI, pain management, home health care, and a lab that does blood work and testing.
Dr. Gregory B. Christiansen is a member of Advanced Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, an orthopaedic medical "super group" that includes doctors: Armando Avolio, John Gibbons, Patrick McCulloch, Vincent Ripepi, Michael Scheel, Joseph Stracci, Steven Theis, and David Welker, who together started the hospital. Dr. Christiansen stated, "We are currently able to perform surgeries that are as small as a carpal tunnel hand surgery on up to total hip and knee replacements. The hospital will offer spinal surgery as well.""

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