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Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford
Integrated Wellness

Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford

Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford

Specialty: Doctor Of Chiropractic, Integrated Wellness Practitioner, Author of Fit, Fun & Fabulous At Any Age and Hearts Desire Retreat Host

Practice Name: Health Pyramid Longevity & Vitality Center, Natrona Heights

Education: University Of Pittsburgh, Sherman College Of Straight Chiropractic

Years In Practice: 27. Why did you choose your specialty? I was injured in a car accident and chiropractic literally gave me my life back.

What symptoms do patients ignore most? Metabolic syndrome and inflammatory issues which, when left unchecked, can lead to abdominal fat gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, joint degeneration and osteoporosis (see below)

What question do patients most often ask? Why am I always in pain and exhausted?

What advice do you wish patients would take seriously? That lifestyle choices are key, 78%of our healthcare expenditures are tied to the chronic preventable diseases which are tied in some way to what we are eating. We cannot improve the health of our nation unless we are ready to tell the truth about our food choices and sources.

Tell us about your most compelling case? I will tell you about two cases for different reasons. One was a child age 3 who was very clumsy, she could not walk across a room without falling, she could not play with other children without getting hurt, after one specific chiropractic adjustment her coordination returned and she could play happily without falling, chiropractic is key for children's growth and neurological health.

The other is Jim: When Jim, 55, entered our office, he was a broken man—depressed, anxious, moody and unable to sleep. He was overweight, constantly fatigued and suffered from pain in his chest, muscles and joints. Jim had all of signs of metabolic syndrome: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and an unhealthy waist-to-hip ratio. He had already had a heart attack and two stents, and was taking multiple medications—from Neurotin to Lipitor to Vicodin. If we didn't get Jim's metabolic syndrome under control, his future health picture would be grim. Jim began the Fit, Fun and Fabulous program weighing 238 pounds; his body fat percentage was 25.7, or 65.8 pounds of fat, which is essentially inflammatory tissue. Less than a month into the program, Jim had 18 pounds of weight loss, some of which was water weight due to the toxicity load on his body, but nine pounds of which was fat. Within nine months, he had lost 47 pounds—nearly 20 pounds of it was fat tissue—and was down to 23 percent body fat. Jim's intracellular water now exceeded his extracellular water, indicating a great decrease in toxicity. But most importantly, Jim was feeling young again. He was able to begin exercising regularly with very little discomfort. Now, Jim has much more energy and vitality than he ever thought possible.

What innovation has changed treatment in your specialty? Functional Medicine, the understanding that it is functional physiology, how the body communicates and utilizes nutrients in the functional capacity, not in the cadaver or the test tube, that holds the key to good health.

What is the biggest myth you deal with and what is the truth? Chiropractic is for pain, the truth is chiropractic is for your brain's ability to control and coordinate every cell tissue and organ in your body and it is a cradle to grave necessity to maintaining optimal health and function.

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