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In Loving Memory: Lynette Tomasetti

Lynette, her son Matt, husband Phil and daughter MeganThe world grew a little dimmer, a little colder on September 21, 2018. On that day, Lynette Tomasetti, a loving wife, mother and friend, lost her long battle with cancer.

For those of us who knew and still love Lynette, today there remains a hole in our heart that can never fully heal. She was that rare, special person who brought joy into the lives of those lucky enough to call her a friend.

I met Lynette when she came to work for the Western Pennsylvania Guide to Good Health as an account executive. Before long, the employer-employee relationship was superseded by one built on friendship, a friendship that grew brighter and stronger over the years.

And how could it not? Always quick with a smile and a kind word, Lynette’s good humor and faith was apparent to anyone with whom she came in contact. Lynette showed everyone she met how to live life with enthusiasm. And when the time came, she also taught us all how to leave this world with grace and dignity. 

It was early in 2014 when Lynette’s life changed. She felt a pain in her neck, a pain that soon moved to her shoulder. It eventually became so severe, she couldn’t move her arm. She underwent an x-ray, followed by a CAT scan, which ultimately led to the diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that starts in the bone marrow’s plasma cells.

Eventually, Lynette underwent 10 radiation treatments, 12 rounds of chemotherapy and stem cell transplant.
Reader of the Guide to Good Health twice were able to glimpse Lynette’s journey: once to describe the experience undergoing stem cell transplant, a second time to share the positive impact dog therapy had on her. In both stories, what came through most was her positive attitude and her faith.

Throughout her ordeal, Lynette was supported, first and foremost, by her beautiful, loving family: Phil, her husband of 29 years; her son, Matt, who lives in York, PA and works for Johnson Controls; and her daughter, Megan, a senior majoring in marketing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Lynette also was surrounded by countless family members and friends who faced her ordeal with her. She touched them profoundly in life as she did with her death. Lynette was a member of South Hills Community Connect, an organization made up of individuals representatives from healthcare/senior care businesses dedicated to providing educational, healthy-aging, and special community events to seniors living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. It was through this group that Lynette met Betty Karleski. Betty kept many of us up to date on Lynette’s progress.
And it was Betty who spoke for us all when Lynette’s ordeal ended when she said, “We will miss her generous spirit and remarkable example of grace and goodness.”

Another friend who knew Lynette well is Denise Minton, who is employed by Ruk Properties as administrator at Rosewood of the Ohio Valley. Before reuniting at Ruk Properties, Denise and Lynette also worked together at Mission Pharmacy.

“We spent many hours together,” Denise said. “She was always so full of life, so happy-go-lucky. Even while she struggled with her own illness, she always worried about me. She would always ask how the business was doing and how my family and I were doing.

“Lynette tried to make the world a better place. She was the most sincere, honest, caring and loving person I have ever known.”

Lynette Tomasetti was only 53 years old when she left us. Far too young and with far too much left to give. Those of us who loved her are left to ask why and to commit ourselves to remembering her faith, her enthusiasm for life and her incredible smile that brightened the lives of everyone around her.

Hers was a live well lived. And we are all blessed for having shared it with her.

Contributions in honor of Lynette Tomasetti can be made to the International Myeloma Foundation at www.myeloma.org.

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