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Hypnosis: A Wellness Intervention
By Jan Lee CH, RN

What is hypnosis?

You get "lost" in a great book and lose track of time. You are hypnotized! You watch a horror movie and react physically (your heart races; your breathing increases; your mouth gets dry etc). You are hypnotized! You are "in the zone" doing your favorite sport. You don't even have to think about it. You are hypnotized!

You drive the same way to work every day and sometimes get there and don't recall the act of driving. You are hypnotized!

When your logical (conscious) mind is bypassed and your non-critical (subconscious) mind is engaged, you are hypnotized.

Hypnosis is a kind of "daydream" experience; your imagination takes flight; anything is possible; if positive suggestions are planted while in this receptive state, they become your new habits for health.

Hypnosis is about "letting go" of your busy mind, but never about the hypnotist taking control.

You are always in control. The hypnotist, like a teacher in a classroom, cannot force your mind to receive the lessons or the suggestions.

The effects of hypnosis are dramatic! It's not because of some voodoo trance or magic. It's not because the hypnotist is a miracle worker. It's because the mind is flexible and powerful. Yes, we can create new pathways in our brains.

A smoker smokes without thinking about it. It's a habit. After hypnosis, he/ she can have an immediate unpleasant taste when touching a cigarette that detours the mind away from this habit. Hypnosis is about creating detours away from unhealthy thinking, habits, behaviors and toward wellness.

If you simply understand that you have experienced hypnosis before; If you believe in the power of your own mind to change your thoughts, habits, and behaviors, you can add this natural intervention to your toolbox of wellness.

Have a mesmerizing day!

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Jan Lee CH, RN, at JanLeeHypnosis via email at janleehypnosis@gmail.com or call (724) 351-1242.

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