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VITAS Brings Hospice Care Home
By Evalisa McClure, RN, VITAS General Manager

VITAS can bring hospice services to you or your loved one, in the place that’s most comfortable — home. And we’re experts at managing the transition from hospital to your home, from curative to palliative care.

A philosophy, not a place
Many believe hospice is a place where patients go to receive end-of-life care. This is not true. Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on enhancing comfort and overall quality of life during the last months, weeks and days of life. It can happen anywhere.

Hospice treats physical symptoms, manages pain and addresses emotional and spiritual concerns. All year long, patients receiving hospice services have the time and opportunity to make memories with their families.

There’s a team at their side
An interdisciplinary hospice team—physician, nurse, hospice aide, chaplain, social worker and volunteer—brings clinical, compassionate care to the bedside.

When the patient is in a private residence, the team comes to the home. Along with caring for the patient, they get to know the family and provide caregiver education along with emotional and spiritual support.

For residents of an assisted living community or nursing home, hospice services complement the care they are already receiving. The staff of the facility is regarded as an extension of the patient’s family and receives the same educational and emotional support, including bereavement services after the death.
Subhead What If symptoms become difficult to control?

If symptoms—pain, nausea or confusion, for example—worsen, hospice helps the patient remain at home by providing shifts of continuous care in your home for up to 24 hours a day. This eliminates the need to go to the emergency room and ensures that hospice patients remain at home in comfort and with the dignity everyone deserves.

Because VITAS knows there’s no place like home when you’re seriously ill.

Evalisa McClure is VITAS Pittsburgh General Manager. For more information, contact VITAS Healthcare at (800) 723-3233 or visit VITAS.com.

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