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An Innovative Way to Keep You at Home

Mary Jane was struggling with meeting new people and tired of staring at the four walls of her apartment.  She decided to take the advice of her apartment manager by calling Community LIFE. "They came out and talked to me.  They explained that I could come to the center and have fun."  In May of 2008, Mary Jane enrolled into Community LIFE.  

Mary Jane will be celebrating her 80th birthday in October.  "If I didn't have Community LIFE, I may not be here." 
A little over a year ago, Mary Jane did not feel well, but luckily, she was able to call Community LIFE.  "I was coughing and couldn't breathe." Mary Jane's nurse came to her apartment, assessed the situation, and immediately took Mary Jane to the Community LIFE Day Center to be seen by her doctor.

Mary Jane was in need of a procedure but because she was an older lady suffering from multiple chronic conditions, a normal valve replacement surgery was not an option.  A doctor at the hospital recommended a new procedure called Trans Catheter Heart Valve Therapy (TAVR).  "This procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that repairs the valve without removing the old, damaged valve, instead, it wedges a replacement valve into the aortic valve's place. TAVR is completed without surgically opening the chest, but through very small openings that leave all the chest bones in place.  The benefit is shorter hospitalization and faster recovery time." (www.heart.org)

When ready for discharge, Community LIFE was there for Mary Jane by providing a personal care assistant who would visit her in her apartment to help her bathe and dress.  At the center, she would meet with the physical therapist to do exercises.  "They told me that it was going to take two weeks, but it only took me one week.  I love going to the center, it helps me."  Mary Jane feels so much better knowing she has the support of Community LIFE.  "I told my friend to join because she was sick all the time, couldn't get to her doctors, and couldn't afford the costs of her medications.  I told her to come and they would care for you, just like they care for me."

Mary Jane is living her life in her own apartment. She attends Community LIFE several times a week for lunch and fun activities.  She continues working hard with therapy. Not only is she active at Community LIFE Day Center, she drives herself to the Salvation Army using her scooter she received from Community LIFE.  "Community LIFE makes my life easier."

She tells everyone, "I also have three other families: The Salvation Army, my Methodist Church, and Community LIFE."  "I am so happy I did it, join Community LIFE."  

For more information on Community LIFE, call 1-866-419-1693 or visit the website www.commlife.org

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