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Sick of being sick? But what can YOU do?
Combat Health Issues and Promote Wellness with Essential Oils
By Leigh Ann Brockhoff & Jaime Wieland

Essential oils.  If you are like many people these days you ask yourself, "What are they and how do I use them safely? 

Why are so many people going crazy for them?  If they actually work, why haven't I heard about them before?"  Or maybe you know someone who is very enthusiastic about them and you're just not quite sure there's actual evidence to support these "magical" oils.
Essential oils come from aromatic plants.  The practice of using them for therapeutic purposes or aromatherapy dates back at least 5,000 years.  They were used so successfully to promote wellness and combat health issues that they were often treasured more than gold.

During recent days, there has been a renewed interest from our society for holistic and natural wellness solutions.  People are more aware than ever of the ingredients in the foods they eat and drink.  They are also trying to minimize the chemicals and synthetic products to which they are exposed. Long term exposure has been shown to result in a loss of energy and vitality with potential disease and ultimately, a diminished quality of life. 

Essential oils are a natural addition to your holistic wellness lifestyle to make your efforts even more effective.   For example, using Lavender essential oil in a diffuser during the night can support a restful sleep, which is vital for optimal immune system function. 
Applying Frankincense and/or Wild Orange essential oil throughout the day can help you stay calm and focused which helps your immune system function as designed since too much stress leads to an impaired immune system. 

Many essential oils also pass through the blood-brain barrier affecting our memory, hormones and emotions, which ultimately affect our physical responses.  There are even specialty blends of essential oils, like doTERRA On Guard, which is a blend of several essential oils that have powerful antiseptic and cleansing properties that naturally boosts a person's immunity.

For many, they love the idea of incorporating essential oils but they feel overwhelmed on where to start and are unsure of a legitimate and trustworthy reference. To help the novice begin, we offer classes at local wellness centers, community venues and colleges, as well as online webinars.  We are experienced essential oil and herb users dedicated to bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine.

To learn more about essential oil and herb blends customized specifically for you or to schedule a one-on-one personal wellness consult or attend a workshop, call (724) 797-5886 or visit the website www.ezekielsgarden.net

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