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Use Your Tax Dollars to Help A Child In Need Receive a Catholic Education

Did you know that your tax dollars can be directed toward tuition to a private school?  Did I get your attention? 

Pennsylvania has a program called EITC (Earned Income Tax Credits).  Here is how it works.  Any business that earns a profit in Pennsylvania can send money to a private school, such as Aquinas Academy in Greensburg.  In return, they will receive a tax credit for their state taxes.  Individuals are also able to participate as long as they qualify, so this is not just for businesses.  These funds must be used as tuition, and students must qualify for them. Are you intrigued?

Your EITC contribution can be given to Aquinas Academy, and this contribution can benefit a student in need right away.  Many parents wish to provide a Catholic education to their children, but they don’t think they can afford the tuition.  Generous donors who participate in this program allow students to attend a Catholic School. 

We are continuing our search for donors.  We are looking for businesses and individuals who feel strongly about families having a choice in their education.  We are looking for those that might want to help a student realize a dream of attending Aquinas Academy.  Are you ready to help a student realize that dream?

If you are able to contribute to the EITC program, please contact the school office and speak to our principal, Mr. Joseph Rice.  Remember, your contribution will come back to you in tax credits, so this program costs very little to the donor.  Every gift size will be valued and appreciated. 

Sports,  Performing Arts, Clubs, and more

Faith, Academics, and Service are our pillars, but there are many extras that are offered at Aquinas Academy.  We have a well-rounded sports program that includes three seasons and sports such as cross country, football, basketball, and volleyball.  Our performing arts program includes, instrumental lessons, band, and acting.  Many clubs are available for our students such as chess and newspaper.  Parents are not just allowed to be a part of their children’s lives, but encouraged to do so.  All of these extra offerings help to create the family atmosphere that makes Aquinas Academy so special.

Aquinas Academy is the Elementary Catholic Education choice in Greensburg, PA.  We hope that you will join us and help us to continue to be the light on the hill as we move into the future. Personal tours are available. Like us on Facebook, and be sure to find us on the web. 

Aquinas Academy – 724.834.7940 – www.aquinasacademy.org  – info@aquinasacademy.org

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