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Giant Eagle Pharmacy Now Offers a Whole Assortment of Medication for Your Pets
By Daniel Casciato

Today, an increasing number of pet owners are opting to have prescription refills for pet medication sent to retail pharmacies, where less expensive generic alternatives are offered. To meet this consumer demand, Giant Eagle Pharmacy is now filling veterinary prescriptions for the furry ones in your life. This is yet another way for Giant Eagle to make its customers' lives a bit easier. Pet owners can already purchase pet food and other supplies, and now they can take care of another pet necessity as well. While Giant Eagle has been offering select human medications for your pet with a veterinary prescription, they now can fill any prescription for hundreds of animal-specific medications covering many common pet conditions. Giant Eagle Pharmacy is also offering a full assortment of flea and tick and heartworm medication which were not available previously.

This program helps complement and provide the full gamut of medication that are out there for your pets - just bring your vet's prescription to your local Giant Eagle pharmacy - and earn fuelperks!, too. Many pet owners are still unaware they do not have to purchase their pet medications from the veterinarian who prescribed them. However, pet medications require a prescription from your vet, so customers will still need to ask their vet to write a script.

The newly available pet medication offerings are one of many ways the Giant Eagle Pharmacy delivers service and value to customers. Giant Eagle pharmacists can even prepare flavored pet medications, for those pets with particular tastes.

For more information, call your local Giant Eagle pharmacy or visit www.gianteagle.com.

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