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The Exercise Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together
By Melissa Mattucci Lindberg, M.S.

Exercise programs come in all forms and fashions, so finding the best fit for you should be easy, right?  The short answer is, YES!  The key is knowing what works for you.  Just ask yourself a few simple questions, and you will be on your way.

What do I enjoy doing? 
Individuals who participate in physical activities that they enjoy are much more likely to stick with an exercise routine.  Keep an open mind in trying new versions of traditional exercise.  For example, if a step aerobics class is not a good fit, do not write off group exercise all together.  Instead, try something like kickboxing or boot camp.  The same goes for running.  If running on pavement causes discomfort, switch to trail running, or even deep-water running. 

When can I make time?
Finding time in a hectic schedule is rough, so do not fool yourself into thinking you will just happen to come across a few extra minutes in your day to exercise.  Schedule your workouts just like meetings, doctor appointments, or lunch with friends.  Taking the time to take care of yourself is more important than any unwashed laundry or unanswered emails.

Where can I go?
There are literally hundreds of gym options out there.  From specialty studios to large commercial gyms and recreation centers, there is something for everyone.  When shopping for a facility be mindful of their operation hours, fees, and proximity to your work and/or home, all factors that will influence accessibility.  If all else fails, a quick YouTube search will easily turn up a few streaming options that can be done in the comfort of your own home.
Bottom line, there are a lot of excuses to skip out on exercise, but with a little self-reflection, you will surely find something that not only works for your life, but is also enjoyable. 

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