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Pittsburgh Clinical Psychologist Rebecca A. Miles, Ph.D., Writes Book About Healing and Acceptance After Loss

Rebecca A. MilesRebecca A. Miles, Ph.D., a former clinical coordinator for the Behavioral Medicine Department at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, has written “The Healing Process:  Stories of Ordinary People Working Through Grief,” a compilation of vignettes detailing different aspects  of the grieving process.

Healing from a significant loss—whether it’s after the fact or anticipatory—is a process that takes place  over time, and Dr. Miles outlines what people can expect. She introduces the reader to the concept of the ‘Kaleidoscope Effect:’ the reorganization of relationships after a loss. All the pieces are the same, but now,  just like turning a kaleidoscope, they fall into new patterns. The reader learns through the vignettes in

“The Healing Process” how negotiating these new patterns requires flexibility and openness to change.

“Grief can impact so many things in our lives—mood, sleep, appetite, concentration, relationships, and our emotions—during events like anniversaries or the holidays,” Dr. Miles explains. “You hear each person in the book ask very human questions like, ‘Is what I’m feeling normal?’ or ‘Should I be over this by now?’ It’s  insightful and reassuring for readers to see that it’s OK to feel a range of emotions when they’re grieving.”

“The Healing Process: Stories of Ordinary People Working Through Grief,” is available for purchase on Amazon. For more information, visit www.drrebeccamiles.com.

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